Nashua, New Hampshire

I've been with Aaron's for 2 years now I have got 20 40 phone calls a day from them harassing me and my family and friends and place of bussniess Andrew is a manger there and he broke into my front doors to get into my aptarment I got him on can and my niebors seen him doing it and he lied and makes fun of people that are sick I have stomach cancer and I went in there and he made fun of me in front of everyone about my sickness he lies and calls everyone else a liar and he talks to you like your a dog there's payment manger there to name Freddie and he yells calls people names on the phone he use to work in rent a center in new britain plaza but he got fired from there they make up story's on people they made up allot of story's about me they ruin my name for something's I didn't do they promise me they was gonna fix my tv and never did when I would say something about my tv to them that it's borking they will say they will be here in 2 days to fix it and they would call us liars about and also to pay the payment first before they fix it tv was fix 5 times still don't work the light builb use to go on it now the sound now don't work I haven't use it in 6 months they call you a liar and so many names I got a living room set from them that was dirty said they was gonna send someone to clean it never did they said they was gonna give me a new living room set never did when I went to go pick one out me my friend and my daughter went to go pick a living room set out they made fun of my sickness I got a bad back also and they started to make fun of the way I'm walking and laughing I was very hurt and embarrass they they wanted me to 2 front payments for a broken loving room set so there only but cons it's only about money. That Freddie guy if you say your money it's not coming in today it will be in tomorrow he gets upset and sends one of his guys to you home to wait untill there is money in there hand and calls you names an harasses you he starts his phone calls from 7am till 9:30pm one time he call 16 times in one day they will call your friends your family and your boss and they have a suppor manger name mark he's no better they stick up for each other and the costumer is always wron he don't let a costumer to talk he lied on me and said other company's talk about me when that's not true he laugh in my face and hang up on me and if you have young teenagers in your house don't trust there guys in your house they don't do no backround check on there employes and this is what we allow in our homes and I am taking Aaron's threw court the one in new britain for slander and for broken contract they don't follow up on them I am also gonna send the health department on them for roches and bed bugs I have see roches in that place also I want you people to know about Aaron's I will never do bussniess again with them

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Good for you God bless you if I was closer to you I would do anything I could do to help you Theese people are the lowest form of life wasted space


I am really sorry that your most recent experience was not positive and I would like to further look into this. Could you email me your first and last name, phone number at with details?

Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks, Aaron's.

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