Grand Island, New York
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Hello, you are the 13th person I'm contacting about the harrasement and threats from my local Aarons store (young st in tonawanda, ny). They come and bang on my house not just the door, sat in my driveway for 35 min beeping their horn.

Calling threatening my references after they tell them not to call anymore. Won't listen to what I say. I've told all of them, to stop calling and harassing me, do not come on my property again. I'm not dealing w the employees.

Told them mail me paperwork. They refused and threatened me.

Sue me or send to collections then. This is a Cease and Desist.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Just give them their property back instead of stealing it by refusing to give it back. You should be such ashamed of yourself by keeping something that does not belong to you.


shut up. You have obviously never dealt with the harrasment.

Dont just go throwing around words at people.

It's not stealing when you are trying to work with a company, and they just strongarm you and threaten you. Especially when the item was picked up and the store willingly let you take the property home...that sure as *** is not stealing.



Thank you for bring this issue to our attention and we do apologize for this nonprofessional behavior. Can you please email us an with the primary name on the account, local store name and best number to contact you at.

Thank you,




I am so sorry that you had to experience this. I would love to get this issue resolved. Can you email us at with the primary name on the account, your local store and the best number to contact you at.

Thank you,


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