Bellevue, Washington

Aaros called me over an over saying I was two months behind an I was not payment was on the 24th of the month an they said no we have it for the 3rd, not the agreement we had. Well I told them to come pick it up so yhey took 2 week to come.

Showed up at 8:30am came in took one room to the truck, came back in the next room an didnt tell me anything td my son it damaged we cant take it back so they unloaded the first room back into my house an left I havent heard from them yet. Where theyOk called me 100 times a day b4.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Same thing here I'm waiting for them to get their *** out of my house and my payment date changed every month



Can you please email us more details at with the primary name on the account, store name, zip code and best number to contact you at. We want to look further into this for you!

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