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Well here is my review we have two smart tvs and both are still under contract.. we just moved and about a month ago i made an appt to have tvs moved to new address.

Well i told them where we were moving approximately 25 minuted from their store they said no problem.

So they day comes and we are waiting uhaul full and all and arrons called and said they werent moving our tvs.. im like excuse me! What do u mean u arent moving our tvs this appointment was set up over a month ago.

Well we dont go more than 15 miles from our location i said well why wasnt the told to me a month ago when i made the appointment ?

Well the man who made the appointment did it incorrectly, i said how is this my fault. Our u haul is already packed ... i said if we move them and they get broke u will fix them. Oh yes maam..

we will take care of you.. so we an hour later we unpack the tvs bring them in my daughters tv is fine mine is broke screen got cracked.. packed in blanket and pillows. .

So i called aarons told them what happened the man says well we cant take back broken item's im like are u serious ? We are under contract and u will fix my tv or we will go to court i said. He said i will have the manager call u on Monday , so here i sit waiting..

i swear i will go to court.. so very very upset this could have been av2.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Can you please email us with the primary name on the account, store name, zip code and best contact number. We can look into this for you and send this issue to upper management. We greatly appreciate your business and want to get this resolved!

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