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Customer service is a word they have never heard of. Endless call and messages left on my phone and they speak to customers as if they own us an we have to do what they say when they say.


I just let them call and forward the calls back to their other line so when they call me with caller ID I can see who it is and just let it be forwarded to their number, the *** just keep calling. Can you say ***? Then when I go to take the payment in the smucks are all smiles and tring to talk and sending out prefered customer cards. Get a clue, if you have customers who pay their payments and who have purchased several items from you and paid for them maybe you should wait before you call and get crazy.

Everybody is not going to put up with their bs, some use their voice and tell them off and remind them why they have a job. This is the kind of unprofessional staff you get when you hiree untrained people off the street who have very little education as managers and deliver personal.Get a clue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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If you were paying your bills, they wouldn't be calling. They have a reason to call and you have a duty to respond with a reason why you are not paying OR return the merchandise.

Funny how you have to actually pay for the things you want right? A strange concept for you.


@ Pissedbird - Thank you for your review in reference to your local Aaron's store. I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

Please know that customer service is Aaron's #1 priority and we definitely appreciate you bringing these types of issues to our attention. I have forwarded your review to the Regional Manager of your local Aaron's store to further research and handle accordingly.

Please contact me at 678-402-3403 or by email @ if you need further assistance or have any additional questions. Thanks - Jessica

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