Calgary, Alberta

Please don't ever shop at aarons on 17th ave in calgary.I bought a leather furniture set and the loveseat tore due to poor quality.They have given poor service due to probable racism.I am first nations.They booked 2 service calls to come to my house and they never showed up and never called.When I called the next day,they said "We're only human" no apology.I called today and I was told by Theresa that No-one can come out to my house because I said I didn,t want their skinheads there.I told her it was o.k. they could come out and she freaked on me as did a "bald" guy who works there.they both yelled at me on the phone,swearing and saying they didn't want me for a customer anymore.No-one would give me a chance to speak.I am a 51 year old woman not a child they can bully around.They do not honor their contracts.

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I think you sound like a 51 year old racist. What do they call a native with a shaved head? A redskin?


The human resources lady in texas nows ***. THEY DO conduct business that way, and they always will.

The will continue to tell customers that they "aren't customers." They do not honor anything.

Contracts, wages, respect. They get their training at Mcdonalds.


I apologize that your experience with Aaron's isn't excellent. Aaron's does not do business this way.

Please contact me so I can help you resolve the issue at 678-402-3403 or .

I look forward to speaking with you soon. Thanks!


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