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I leased a sectional from Aarons. I've been making payments on them for about 18 months.

I was late this month, so a young lady calls my home being extremely rude as if I was a criminal that tried to rob them. I told her that this month was a bit hard for me and that I couldn't come up with the payment for a couple of day. She tells me that it sounds like a personal problem so I ask to speak to the manager. She tells me how she is going to have her "guys" pick it up in five minutes.

When she transferred the call over, the manager picks up and says "yes?" I asked his name and he turns around and says "well you asked to speak to me, you know who I am". Wow!! How rude can they be? Well I know we were back and forth because I couldn't make the payment on time.

He tells me on how that's not there problem and I should go and burrow the money from someone to make the payment. All of a sudden there were all these new rules and regulations that they were trying to re-enforce on me. (Mind you, I only have about three months left to pay the sofas off). They kept threatening me on how the stuff is still there's and they can come and pick it u whenever they want.

He made it his business to say how he runs that whole Aarons store and everyone has problems, but that is none of his business. I let them know about their attitude. I don't know how they let people like that deal with customers. I financed a Mercedes Benz, if I was to be late on the payment, guess what?

It's a 40K car, and they don't treat me like that. AARONS HAS THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!

That will be the first and last time I will ever purchase something from them!!! I will make sure to tell everyone!!!!!

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They don't have to be rude!!!! A little compassion goes a long way.

It is concerning to me that people can pay the rental fees on time for 18 mos and make one late payment and have their items taken. sounds like a scam!!! they rent to people they can abuse.

it's almost as I'd they have a goal to get items back when there is only a small amount left to pay. Aarons can SUCK IT!!!!


If you sign a contract you are agreeing to all of this, read the contract so latter you won't be surprise. Is not like they do the closing in a dark room and don't explain you what your getting yourself into.

I hate all Americans that just want everything the easy way. read, ask questions before anything.

I think Aaron's is a well run business. and keep in mind a business is a business.


That is true. A contract is a contract and I did sign and agreed to it.

That being said, it still doesn’t give them the right to be so disrespectful. I know better than to get myself into a situation like that again.

Thank God my contract with them is over!!!! :grin


I agree with Alan, its all in the paperwork you signed

--you signed and agreed to have your payments made before they were do

--you signed and agreed that if your payments werent on time you would return their property

--you signed and agreed that the property does belong to aarons until its fully paid out..if you gave someone say a 52" flat screen that YOU paid for and OWNED and gave it to someone, didnt check their credit, their background what have you and went by their word that the payments would be paid back to you no later than a certain time every single month, I think youd keep calling too--- especially if that person was ignoring you, not answering the phone or calling you back. These people are doing their job, if you made your payments on time as YOU AGREED youd never have a phone call again. only you can create your own consequences, good or bad.


First of all it is their merchandise when your lease agreement expires. Second of all, why are you leasing from Aarons when you have good enough credit to get a loan for a Benz?

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