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very nasty manager

just wanted to know when it became okay to swear at the customer or a potential customer over the phone? You have a Laurie working at the Geneva store and she is very rude and nasty on the phone, i have never had anyone use the f word when i called a store before. You just lost a future customer.



What does the warrenty cover on electronics?


Monthly payment Deferred

I asked if my monthly payment could be deferred until next month. The man whose name was Mitch asked me why should they do that for me I told him, because they've done it for me in the past, whenever something came up and I needed help.

This isn't anything they do all the time, just once a year when you get in a tight bind. He had a very bad attitude very nasty, I asked him for his name he told me. I called back. he answered the phone I asked to speak to his Boss he said he didn't have one so I asked to speak to his supervisor,I asked if he had one, he said he was behind him.

He then put Jose on the phone who just happens to work under him. I tried to find the number to the main headquarters but I couldn't fine it .I've always liked Aarons and it's staff until now. I thought it was a great service to offer people, and it's for this reason among others that I recommend Aarons to everyone that asks me about them.

But now I don't, know, I can receive bad service anywhere. I also don't like when people try to make a fool of me, I asked Jose if he were his supervisor , he said no he worked under Mitch.



How do I open an account with them as a service repair Co.



My washer is not working and I was told I have to wait until the manufacturer comes out to fix it so I will be without a washer for a week I thought they give you a loner washer until yours is fixed


How to contact Aaron's ceo

My wife was charged with receiving stolen property,and theft from the Aaron's store on loucks road in York P.a. We have phone records where she has called to have them pick the stuff up prior to her being hauled off to jail .Calls were made during their posted business hours.

And every time calls were made no one answered. How do I get in touch with someone above the store manager as of course he will not give me the information.


How long after purchase is the product insured


What does living at the same address have to do with your account


Do you have insurance on the product the customer is renting for them


Is it legal for aarons to charge 10.00 to pick up a payment


Doe's Aarons have a no refund policy on things purchased for the store?

We were told by a manager that Aarons had a no refund policy and then he said he would have to submit a request for a refund that would take 24 to 48 hours before we would be approved for a refund in the form of a check. We bought some furniture that had to be ordered because they don't sell the floor models because they are for rental use only.

The furniture has no been shipped to the store yet as of 5/11/17 for delivery to our home so we found something just as nice and cheaper. We wanted a refund of $1474.08 that we had paid for the furniture, we were told by General Manager Tim Crawford that Aarons had a no refund policy, but when he seen we were serious about a refund he changed his tune and wanted to make a deal. General Manager Tim Crawford was very rude to my wife and I and then wanted to turn on a little charm Sound's like General Manager Tim Crawford conducts business like a shade tree mechanic.

If I don't get my money refunded to me soon, I will report Aarons to the BBB and will personally file a complaint against General Manager Tim Crawford for his rude unprofessional behavior. Today's Date 05/11/2017


That's bull because I just got my refund after I discovered a bed bug on the mattress we got from them last night I just got back from the store


How do i take the job assessment?

7667245 is my application number. I have been called for a job but need to take the job assessment. How do i do it?


Why does it take so long to get parts

We have been waiting since march for parts on a futon and every time we check on them they say they have been ordered


I need to talk to a manager

I'm tired dealing with this washer it's been getting mess up for the pass 8 months and I'm tired telling Aarons and they do nothing to fix it


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