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I will try my best to make this as short and sweet as possible. First, I want to say I'm a very understanding person and normally get on review boards or company websites to praise a hardworking employee/company. I actually emailed Lowe's today regarding great customer service I received from one of their employees. I also understand we are all human and accidents happen and mistakes are made. I learned long ago to "pick my battles" - I even just had a pizza delivered 30 minutes ago and realized I didn't receive all of my order. I didn't call the store to complain or request a refund because it was an honest mistake. Who knows, the employee could be on the *** of being fired and my phone call could be the last straw. I don't like confrontation and avoid it at all costs so for me to complain, a company has to really mess up for me to get to this point of frustration.

I should have turned around and went elsewhere the moment I stepped foot into Aaron's Sales and Lease Ownership - store number C1197. The entire store smelled horrible and looked as if it hadn't been cleaned in years. I tend to be a bit OCD with germs and cleaning so I figured it was just me being a weirdo and continued to browse through the store. I also understand the store I went to isn't located in the best area so I told myself the appearance of the sales floor should not affect my decision.

The only reason I decided to go into Aaron's is because I could not find a living room set with couches the exact color I wanted and they had one online in the exact color I wanted. I was in the market to buy new furniture for my entire home and preferred to purchase everything from one company. Sad to say that Aaron's only got a living room set and 2 TV's out of me that day. They could have gotten so much more business but during my visit, there were so many red flags that told me just just purchase the sofa and love seat I originally came there for.

As I was looking around the store, I could hear a female associate screaming and cursing at a customer over the phone due to a late payment. I'm happy to say my son was not with me to overhear every 4 letter word known to man come out of this "ADULT'S", not to mention EMPLOYEE'S mouth! I'm sure the child that WAS in the store at the time of her very adult conversation, departed the store with a brand new vocabulary!

After slamming the phone down she walks out onto the sales floor and greets me with a smile. I wanted to bust out laughing and ask her if this was a big joke. Me being a pushover and hating confrontation I let her assist me, considering she was the only employee (two other employees were on the floor at the time) that greeted me and asked if I needed assistance. Even though there is no excuse for the language she used, maybe she was just having a horrible day - we all have those days. I informed her right away I had every intention to buy new furniture for every room in my new home, as long as the furniture was BRAND NEW. She informed me that everything would be brand new since that is what I was requesting. During my visit I confirmed with her MULTIPLE times I would receive brand new furniture.

After agreeing to purchase the living room set (love seat, sofa, coffee table and 2 end tables) I decided to purchase two TV's as well. When she was handing me the application I asked her if I should have my employer fax over two of my most recent paystubs. She stated I could have them fax my paystubs and she would put them in my file, but it was unnecessary and didn't have to if I didn't want to. This should have been my next red flag - a company will to lease a customer merchandise without verifying their employment? Of course I had my stubs faxed over to cover MY bases.

Before handing her my filled out application, I AGAIN confirmed with her that I would ONLY receive brand new furniture. I understand that I'll be paying for my furniture for 3 times what it's worth by the end of my lease because I'm paying for the convenience of lease to own. I completely get that. I absolutely had no issues with that (no one was holding a gun to my head telling me to sign the contract) because I was promised brand new, good quality furniture. As I was handing her my completed application, I asked if the furniture could be delivered that day, as I was wanting to move in my new house asap. I even offered for my father and boyfriend to bring their trucks and would save them a trip. She stated they prefer to deliver it as a company which is VERY understandable considering I did not buy the merchandise in full and they own everything until I make my last payment. She also informed me she couldn't have it delivered that same day because I was requesting brand new furniture and the only living room set they had was the one on the sales floor. She said they would have to obtain a brand new set from another store. No problem, understandable - I'm requesting something brand new at a store that advertises pre-leased furniture and it was no one's fault but my own that I waited until the very last minute to do my furniture shopping. I requested for the first available delivery spot, which I believe was two days after I signed the contract. When signing my contract with a different associate, I once again confirmed my furniture would be brand new. He stated I would 100% receive brand new furniture and even pointed out in my contract where the condition is stated as new. He informed me that by law, they cannot put the condition in the contract as new if it was actually pre-leased. I am now 99% sure that the living room set that was delivered and promised to me as "brand new" is the exact living room set that was on the showroom floor the day I signed my contract.

I was unable to ask off from work at that time so I had my boyfriend sign for the furniture on my behalf at delivery. During delivery, I receive a phone call from my boyfriend stating one of the legs on the love seat was broken but both of the delivery guys ensured him I could stop by the store, pick up a replacement leg and replace it myself. Seriously, Aaron's?! I'm promised brand new furniture and upon delivery the promised "brand new" furniture is damaged and I have to stop by the store to pick up the piece and repair it myself. Are all of your employees unaware of what is stated in your contract? Or just these two poor fellows that break their backs everyday to deliver poor quality furniture for a poorly run company? They probably barely make minimum wage and made up a lame excuse in fear of the damages being deducted from their small paychecks like most companies do - I don't blame them one bit! Per YOUR contract that I signed, repairs are only to be made by Aaron's and my boyfriend is being told that I need to not only pick up the part, but repair it on my own.

"Maintenance and Warranty: If I purchase the Leased Property, in addition to the limited warranty that is included in the Aaron's Service Plus Program, Aaron's will transfer any unexpired manufacturer's warranty to me, if allowed to do so by the terms of the warranty. Aaron's will maintain the Leased Property in good condition as long as I am leasing it, and I agree to allow only Aaron's to perform all repairs."

My boyfriend informed me he requested a delivery receipt but was told they don't provide them. Wow, really? He had them notate on the invoice that the leg was damaged prior to delivery and/or during delivery. I called the store numerous times to have someone come back out to repair the damage (as YOUR contract states), only to be told every time someone would be calling me back to arrange a time for them to come out. This was 8 months ago - still no returned call. I gave up and I assume many other customers do as well.

When I got home from work the day my "brand new" furniture was delivered, I noticed brownish looking spots all over the cushions of my couch. I chalked it up to the sun shining through the windows and casting a shadow on not one, but BOTH of my "brand new" couches. At touch, the fabric was very stiff feeling as if the couches had been shampooed. I chalked that up to my weirdness and OCD. Multiple calls to the store regarding the condition of my "brand new" furniture were ignored or just full of more lies/false promises and reassurance that they cannot, by law, provide me with pre-leased furniture since I requested for it to be brand new and my contract states the product provided by Aaron's is brand new.

The day the furniture was delivered I also noticed a scratch on the glass in the center of my coffee table. How is my brand new coffee table already scratched? I then asked my boyfriend what kind of packaging the coffee table, end tables and TV's were delivered in. He stated they were already put together prior to delivery and not one piece of my "brand new" furniture was protected by anything. I've never bought a coffee, end table or television in the past that was already put together brand new. I've purchased brand new couches that were already in one piece (duh!) but had plastic protecting the BRAND NEW COUCHES. I'm assuming your delivery drivers just tossed my "brand new" furniture in the back of their truck and prayed it made it to my house in one piece and clean, hoping I would never figure out this furniture was pre-leased or the showroom floor model. WRONG. The product was delivered damaged, dirty and used. I now assume the scratch on the glass came from the previous lessee, unless it's your "Aaron's Guarantee" to deliver multiple brand new items damaged.

Having this promised "brand new" furniture in my possession for ONLY EIGHT MONTHS, my coffee table leg is falling off, the finish is chipping off in numerous spots, the glass isn't even cut properly to fit inside of the coffee table. The seams are also starting to show because the seams are coming apart. The condition of my furniture is embarrassing! I'm starting to think going to the local Goodwill would have better quality furniture and would have saved me thousands. Every cushion on my couch is now lumpy as if an elephant sits on them all day long while I'm at work. I'm hardly EVER home to sit on the couches and I weigh at the most, 98 pounds, my 7 year old is lucky if he's pushing 45 pounds and my dog weighs 8 pounds full grown. No reason for the cushions to be in the shape they are currently in. The "brand new" couch pillows that came along with purchase are ridiculous. All of the stitching is coming out and very loose. Any *** would know this furniture was previously owned, as any good quality, brand new furniture would not be in such bad shape after only 8 months.

I could go on and on about the condition of my "brand new" furniture but it could take hours! I pay on time every month with the exception of my last payment (December). I totally got my days mixed up and even thanked the associate that called me THREE time in five hours (on a MONDAY, during the hours most Americans are working ... sure would like to know how many more calls/voicemails I would have received if I was not able to call him back until I got off work at 6pm..... a little ridiculous, no?) to inform me my payment was late by not even ONE day. I sometimes pay a MONTH in advance and I get harassed for being not even a day late ONE TIME?! Like I said, I even thanked the guy for the heads up because the calender I use to keep track of all my bills, I had my Aaron's payment listed on the wrong week. I EVEN PAID MY BILL ONLINE BEFORE HANGING UP WITH THE HORRIBLY RUDE ASSOCIATE so my NO MEANS was I trying to get one over on your horrible company or had no intention of paying my bill. I have the confirmation number of the payment I made online (seconds after being informed of my mistake) to verify I'm not a customer claiming I won't pay my bill because of my complaints. I work in property management so I'm fully aware of the ridiculous excuses and complaints people come up with as to why they're behind on payment.

Being that you have a good paying customer who is employed in the property management field, I highly suggest addressing my concerns. I come in contact with an estimated 1,000 people annually that are in the market for new furniture for their new homes. Have you ever heard the saying "a happy customer only tells 2 people of their satisfaction with a good company but 12 tell people of their dissatisfaction"? Word of mouth and happy customer referrals are the best (not to mention, FREE!) advertisement any company in any field can receive.

I informed one of your employees at store number C1197 of my coffee table leg that is about to fall completely off and I was informed I would receive a call back - 11 days later I am still awaiting that phone call. I thought maybe the holidays held the call up because I'm sure your company is extremely busy during Christmas. I'm now beginning to see this as a trend as I've been ignored to every service request I've made - PER YOUR CONTRACT!

I refuse to return this poor, embarrassing, sad quality furniture since I've already invested $1,758.43 into the "brand new" furniture I was promised and am not even halfway through my payments. I need this furniture replaced with the brand new living room set I was promised during sale AND contract signing. My eight month old "brand new" furniture should not be falling apart already, with seams showing throw the wood finish and losing shape in couch cushions/pillows.

If genuine BRAND NEW furniture that I originally requested is offered and delivered, I will take down all the negative reviews I have posted about Aaron's - in the event my contract stays the same and my payments pick up from where I currently am. I'm understanding and realize you may not be able to offer this, so that being said, the only other way I will be satisfied is if my contract is considered as paid in full once I've paid the amount ($2660.98) the furniture is worth. The above estimated cost is in my contract as the condition being NEW - which I would still be taking a loss on since I was never provided with new furniture.

I have already been in contact with the attorney my father uses for the multiple properties he owns, rents and/or sells regarding the false pretenses I signed my contract under. He informed me to give Aaron's a chance and to do the right thing by "putting the ball in Aaron's court" and to let ya'll have the chance to make things right before taking legal matter. Very understandable.

This being requested IN WRITING, I will assume my concerns are being reviewed and will be responded to in a timely matter. I have also emailed my concerns via

Please take note, I WILL ONLY RESPOND TO EMAIL. I will save all written documentation and/or promises, as anything I've been told via phone or in person has fallen through due to poor management on Aaron's behalf.

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I'm having the same problems with arrons right now . Not even 2 months old the cousions look like they have been used for years .

I'm going to call them back today and try and get the BRAND NEW furniture replaced .

Also I want my furniture wrapped as well during delivery .

Good luck to you I hope you have got your furniture replaced


I would just like to say I was going to delete my complaint all together, but wanted to leave it up so I could give an update. The very next day after emailing Aaron's Corporate Office, I was contacted by Zack, the RM for the store I purchased my "new" furniture from.

With the holidays, my aunt's sudden passing, traveling for business and the snow storm, we kept playing phone tag. He would follow up with me almost everyday in hopes I would be available to speak with. He even gave me his personal cell number to contact him - which I did - he stated he was away from the office (I called him late on a Friday night, not his fault!) and that he would follow up with me first thing Monday morning. I requested he call me around lunch time because there was more of a chance of me being available.

He called me at almost noon on the dot the following Monday, excellent customer service!!!! Long story short, due to the fact that I'm always unavailable, we were never able to speak but I was so shocked by all of his follow up attempts! I refused to pay my monthly payment this month, because I wanted the store to call me to inform me of nonpayment, so I could inform them I would pay as soon as they held up their end of the contract and fixed my coffee table. The store called, I called them back and spoke with Nate, the store's GM.

He was absolutely WONDERFUL - he asked me what the issue was, I informed him and he found out the soonest he could get a new living room set shipped to the store to replace the pre-leased furniture I received that was supposed to be new. He was very apologetic that his employees never made him aware of my upset calls, and ensured me he would make everything right again. He set up a time to have the brand new furniture delivered, and they showed up in the exact time frame he promised! The delivery guys left a couple hours ago and I am in awe of the brand new furniture!

It's amazing! I emailed their Corporate Office to inform them of the awesome customer service I received all the way from the Corporate Office down to the two gentlemen that just delivered the beautiful furniture! I called the store to tell Nate what an awesome job he is doing and how happy I am! You don't find great customer service much anymore, BRAVO AARON'S!

I will be sure to spread your great name with anyone I come in contact with in my business! AWESOME JOB!

You have a lifelong customer now! :) I am so pleased!


I used to work there, and that is the culture. you are right on, that's is why I only lasted 3 months before quitting. I was told I am to nice because I don't threaten customers to pick up merchandise rented because they are a few days late on their payment, crazy company to work or rent from.

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