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I had been dealing with Aaron's for at least 5 years. I currently have a mattress and box spring from Aaron's I am paying on with one payment left.

Recently I needed a dryer as my dryer broke. I called Aaron's and asked if they had a dryer. They said they had an Amana dryer and they brought it out. When I used the dryer I noticed the dryer shut off prematurely.

When the dryer went off it showed it still had time left. I called Aaron's and told them what was happening and they had a repairman come out. The repairman changed the timer buy he said that wasn't the problem. He said the problem wwas that when the manufacturer painted the selections on the dial they painted them on wrong so the dial doesn't line up.

I went to Aaron's and I told the one girl behind the counter the situation. She talked to her manager and then the manager came out to talk to me. She told me as long as the dryer turns and heats it is not defective. I said well, I think it is and want a different one.

She said if I did thazt I would lose all the money I put into this dryer and would have to start over again. I told her I will go somewhere else. I went to Rent-A-Center and actually got a better deal on a dryer. I went back to Aaron's and told the nice girl behind the counter that I want that dryer taken out of my house and that I didn't want it anymore.

The other girl, the manager came out behind the counter. While the other girl was writing up a schedule for them to pick up the dryer, I told the manager I went somewhere else and got a dryer. She completely ignored me. After the other girl scheduled a pick up time, I told both of them that I will never be back because my satisfaction has not been met.

The nice girl said she was sorry but the manager said nothing. I called corporate and told them my complaint and they said they will have a regional manager call me.

I meant it. I will never do business with aaron's ever again!

Product or Service Mentioned: Aarons Manager.

Monetary Loss: $106.

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I've read a bunch of complaints on here and, honestly, this is the first one that sounds legit. That sucks, man.

They should have taken care of you. It would have been easy.


Dear lquaresimo,

Thank you for your review and bring this to my attention. I understand you have already spoken with our corporate office, but if I can help further you can call me at 678-402-3403 or email response@aarons.com with your name and contact information.

I hope this issue can be resolved.



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