Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
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I went in to the store to look at a few things I needed. The sales lady started helping me out.

Then sees another customer and goes to them. How rude is that. I thought I was a priority,but I guess not . She printed each item I was interested in on separate sheets with different pay schedules .

Then she wanted me to fill out an application for the stuff.

I said I was wanting a quote.I found fer pushy and unprofessional. I decided to go to a different store because she was more interested in making a sale then explaining any of the product I was quoted for.

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uh she probably figured you were trying to figure out what else you wanted a quote on so she went over to help the other person and by your short complaint it seems like she came right back because right after complaining about how she went over to the other customer you said how she printed out each item you wanted on separate sheets. well of course she would you asked for a quote on items the taxes would be different so she put each item on their own paper to HELP you.

what if you wanted a quote for 5 items and she put them all on 1 paper but then said "nah I only want #'s 1 3, & 4. then your total would be different and you'd probably complain about that too.

and about the sale. well DUH of course they want to make a sale that's the business they're in.

is getting you to rent from them to make them $$$ not to just continuously give out quotes. sounds more to me like you were just being pissy and wanted to complain for no real reason.

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