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We have started a contract back in June 6/2011 with Aaron's, and we had wanted an 18 cubic foot frost free refrigerator (7405F18) with a matching self cleaning flat top stove (7409FWS) instead we have received the first time a 15 cubic foot fridge and a GE stove which was banged up and had dents on it. They exchanged it on August 2011 for a 18cubic foot white Westinghouse fridge which also had a dent on the door and the door hinges hanging out which was broken when they brought over at my residence . The stove had chips on it, on top and dents on the sides. We have gone to the store, and they said that they would discount the stove and the fridge, and we said to our dissatisfaction,that wasn't what we had ordered in the first place. As we had wanted matching appliances. We have confronted and talked to the store manager, about this and he said to give us a discount on those appliances that we didn't want.

We just asked that we receive what we had previously ordered.

As this is the first time we deal with Aarons, we are not happy with the service.

I phoned in on September and inquired about this, and said that someone would call me in 72hrs, which is now 4weeks, and no one has called me about it, and I phoned in today and was told to write a letter of complaint to the President of the Company. Phone in on Oct 31,2011 and got the same story, this time the regional manager called and that they would exchange the units for new ones and to call him the next day have called his number and all I get is a answering machine that tell me to leave my name and number and the time I called ( called every 2-3 hrs) it has now been 4 Days ......................................

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if the regional manager will not talk to you keep going up the chain of command. next would be the VP of the division.

then go corporate on their ***. that always sees results

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