Herndon, Virginia

got a stove fridge and two recliners from aarons. they damaged my fridge when they brought it in.

put a big gouge in the frezer door. they said they would order me a new door. from may to september i kept hearing 'we didn't get it yet'.when i told them to order me a new one, wow, all the sudden my door arrived. told them i don't like the bottom freezer, wanted a new one, then they got pissy.

waited 2 months for them to tell me the new one got the top smashed in, so they would have to order a new one. my payment was set up for the 15th. now they call my mother in law, my son, my daughter, my sister in law, and a friend. they were very rude with them.

when i called them back,they said my payment was due on the 1st, has been from the begining. told them i have my contract it says the 15th. was going to make my payment the next day, the 19th, but after thinking about it all night, i said f it, i will go elsewhere.

AND i did. now they won't come pick up their stuff.

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@ Anonymous I apologize for your experience not being excellent. Please feel free to contact me to further resolve your complaint.

I would be more than happy to research this for you.

My email is Jessica.Rudnick@aarons.com or @ 678-402-3403 Thank you. -Jessica


its not like we can control how long the manufacturer takes to ship things. If you ever made a half-payment or extension it switches your payment. there are hundreds of accounts to go through and if you don't pay you are going to get called, if you dont answer we will call your references because we legit lose tons of money from people stealing our ***

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