Dixon, Missouri

I have been pleased with Aaron's. I have owned many things rented from them.

All these pissed people are probably that way because they avoid, lie and such. Seems like people who have screwed their credit come up with every excuse in the book. Stay within your means, instead of getting into a mess, where you dodge the truth and lie. These guys have heard all the excuses before.

It's like criminals talking to cops.

I have been pissed at Aaron's, also but it was usually my fault to some extent. Stop your crying and change the way you do things.

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Wow..you're a real dirt merchant. Own up to what you owe.

You pay more for what you get because you make monthly payments to own it. You pay 10x more getting a credit card and buying anything with the credit card interest. Think about it...DO THE MATH...seriously. You NEED something so bad but don't have the money to fork out for the retail price...and don't pay it off in the gracious period of 90 days at the retail price and *** about the price you pay after 1 to 2 years of payments even if you had good credit how long will you be paying for your stuff????!!!

There is no planet freee *** bags. Stop *** about a place that gave you something with no credit check and OFFERED all of you 90 days same as cash.

If you hate it so much...go to rent a center and pay 4-5000 more for your products. Or better yet....go to BEST BUY and buy it out right...The only reason why you're *** is because you're too dumb to realize life, and trying to get something for free or less...good luck with all that...


if your credit is so perfect why not go to best buy and get a charge card? i dont know why you got to talk down on other people sweep your own pourch first i think aarons is a rip off of a place and liars what makes you so perfect?


What type of meds are you on? Surely the looney bin you work in (or reside in) has gotten compensation for this comment.

You must love paying three times over for items that are used. Wonder how you'll feel when you crash land in the real world, sweetie.


Well if your credit was so great then why are you renting "many" things from Aaron's? Look at the freaking pot calling the kettle black!!


Yikes! Wtf was that all about?? Lady, you REALLY need to give up the caffeine before you write your complaint, and learning how to use proper diction and spelling wouldn't hurt either!


AArons manager is still trying to tell me I am responsible for something I never purchased the manager tole me she would win even if they sold something to my ex and oput it in my name and when I tried to tell her She said I heard him in the background so its your responsibility . what dose he viviting the kids have to do withe her putting it in my name my account was paid in full it is her pronlem if she let him let him open an account.

I never authorized him for a new account the old one was setteled and closed this manager will have to deal with her mistake I will not pay for or be harrassed for an item I never purchased was never in the store and have signed anycontract. I wonder if she let him sign my name also. I kicked this dirtbag to the curb after 20 years of marriage and had to get an order of protection from him in december If she let him purchase something in May I guess she better stop selling to drugaddicts and di her job mabey she was too lazy to do the paperwork and it was easier to just get out the old paperwork.Thank God We Get PrePaid Legal as a Job Perk!!!! I am ready for them bring it on!!!!!

Naples Fl Goldesgate Store Neds Traning on Custmer Service and the law you can not open a new account and put it in an old account holders name that never came in to the store next time dont be so lazy and do you Job !!!! :( :eek

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