Union, New Jersey
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Complaint! Ozzie who addressed himself as a customer service manager called my daughter's new cell phone looking for a customer.

My daughter told the gentleman she is not the person, and to stop calling her number.

Ozzie the so called CSM called the next day left a message, and then called back later the same day, and in a rude tone asked for the customer.

My 13 year old was pleading with to stop calling. I took the phone asked him to remove the number, and he began to ask me questions such as when did you obtain this number forcefully.

He got loud I asked him to stop calling he told me to go "F" myself, and hung up.

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@Anonymous-Thank you for your feedback. Which Aaron's location are you refering to? Please contact me to further resolve your issue at 678-402-3403 or by email at Jessica.Rudnick@aarons.com Thanks-Jessica

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