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I'm not one to compose these kinds of emails at all...however today was the final straw. I have several accounts at Aarons.

One for a cell phone and three for furniture. Let's start off when I got the furniture in august of this year at the Edison, Nj location. 1st off the delivery was made to my OLD address instead of my NEW address. Ok.

Honest mistake I suppose. However the delivery men decided instead of correcting their mistake and immediately coming to my correct address to deliver my furniture somewhat on would be a good idea to handle OTHER deliveries and bump me back to the last delivery of the day...9:00pm at night. 2nd I had CLEAR instructions on how payments were supposed to be taken out. The guys in the financial dept assured me there was no problems and every thing was set up and ready to go.

Well...automatic payments started coming out of my accounts on a daily basis (instead on a per month basis as clearly specified). I would call the store and they would apologize and reverse the payments. Literally after a full month of this happening my bank SHUT MY CARD DOWN for my protection thinking there was fraud going on. Needless to say that was beyond a hassle to explain and clear up.

Finally yesterday Oct 22nd (on a Sunday when the stores are closed) phone that I have an account with got DEACTIVATED due to lack of payment. Well. I paied that bill as well as the rest of the accounts on Oct 16...WHEN THEY ARE DUE. My account was never behind and I always pay on time.

When they shut the phone down there is a button to push to call customer service...however it includes keypad prompts that u can't use because the phone is LOCKED. Needless to say I way beyond unhappy not having a phone for 24 hrs thru no fault of my own AND having to take a half day off from work to go into the store and have the matter resolved! I will say in all incidents the customer service I received was impeccable. The guys were awesome.

However it just seems like dealing with this company as a whole has been nothing but a nightmare. Unfortunately I cannot pull out of the contract and take my businesses elsewhere which is what I would normally do...because I need my furniture and my phone.

However I do feel as a customer who pays her bills ON TIME and has dealt with headache after headache regarding this company...I am entitled to some sort of compensation. Thank you LaQuinta Prince

Product or Service Mentioned: Aarons Leasing.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We would love to look ore into this and see if there is something can be done.

Can you please send an email to and include your first and last name, store info, your phone number and zip code.

Thank you,


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