Chicago, Illinois

I was paying on a living room ensemble since October of this year. My payments were $165 a month.

I've always paid on time, with the exception of last month. I was about 10 days late but promise to pay on a specific day and I complied. Today May 16th, I called and explained to them that I had fallen a lil behind on my payment and that could I have an extension. I was told no, that they extended payment arrangement to me last month.

I in return said I've paid you all well over $900 from October until now, and you would rather risk losing my business in whole than to grant another 8 day extension. They answered me with they are not able and commenced to schedule a pick up for tomorrow. I will never recommend this business. They have very poor service!

I'm dissatisfied that they didn't think or have an ounce of compassion and work with me rather than lose me. Lets see do the math $165 x 9 = $990 gone down the toilet!

Monetary Loss: $990.

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you should have kept it and made payments when you could . no judge would allow them to take something back as long as you are paying.. i agree Aarons has become a greedy pos shitshow..


@Anonymous - Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I am sorry to hear that you are having customer service issues with your local Aaron's store.

To further assist you accordingly, please email with the primary name on your lease agreement, the best contact phone number to reach you and please confirm your local Aaron's store.

I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks - Jessica


That is the way the rent to own places operate. Furthermore, you did not start paying on your furniture since October of this year. You might have started in October of last year.

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