I got a computer on Dec.17,2010 for a christmas gift,to give to my granddaughter.Two month later in February I paid it off.I also got another warranty add on too the 2years warranty that was on it.Last year in 2012 I took this computer in 5 time and its stell there.Robert at the lincoln park store check it 2 time inside the store.He call and said the disk drive was working.So i take it home and it work for about a day and then it want open.This went on for 5 time.I ask them will they please sent it out and get a new disk drive.Robert said he sent it out in Nov.now its Jan.7,2013 its stell not fix.I call he want come to the phone and someone said that they want fix it.I am SO PISSED I think that they wanted there warranty to expire.So I have to paid for it myself.Why would you have a person computer for 8 months and not fix it.I love Aaron put this it am to old to keep fight with them.All I want is a new disk drive.When i get my taxes am paying off my account and am done.I have be with you'll for over 6years.Now i got to by my granddaughter another computer.I don't even have the old one.I pray that your store get it together people are leaving everyday.Thank you very much for your help mrs.Cindy Jackson

Monetary Loss: $1200.

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