Jefferson, North Carolina

Be late just once and they will harrass you and anyone else you know. They are rude and overbearing.

I will never set foot in that place again. I am about to tell them to come and get their cheap inferior furniture and stick up their ***! Their appliances seem OK until you have a problem. Forgettaboutit!

They are so nice and freindly to make a sale but their customer service sucks. I would love to be a fly on the wall at on of their sales seminars.

Probably like some kind of sect. Zeig Heil you rat fink nazi creeps.

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over 60% of americans have derrogatory credit due to the financial markets over the last three years.......everyone is entitled to get what they pay for...if they have to pay more while they reestablish their provide quality to their homes...they are entitled...the real question here is.... IF I PAY FOR A SERVICE....

I SHOULD GET THE SERVICE. This isnt about economic privelege...its about COMPANY'S PROVIDING WHAT THEY FREAKIN PROMISE....and being held accountable. Usually tracking down the market or regional managers who are local, will get your issue fixed. Poor service from large companies affects us all...

if you buy a ticket for an event at an online company, you pay nearly 16% percent service fee just to have them email it to you.... but if there is an issue...they guarantee you will be able to attend the event.......

if they lost your ticket...wouldnt you expect THE SERVICE YOU PAID FOR... anonymouse


Maybe if you didn't feel entitled to the newest items available or at least paid your bills this wouldn't happen.

I bought a used washer $50 and a used dryer $50 and they have worked fine for 3 years.

Live within your means people. And if that means you barely get by - then that's how it is.


I went to aarons for a washer..Got one kept it 4 months..Decided i didnt want to pay 54.00 a month anymore. So i bought me a washer,.Called the 3 and half weeks early to come pick theirs up.And i have called now 4 times for the to come get the dang thing and they act like they dont want it,I will NEVER go to that place again...Awful place,,.....!!!!1

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