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. i sent aarons a mony order to pay for my t.v. frist they said they never recived it .then when i had t traced they had posted it to my daughters account and still wont say they made a mistake this all happend in jackson county so shouldnt they be responable for all the late fees and harrasament i went through with them calling all the time and showing up at my house.when i wrote down the number to call the main office by the time i got to my car there employe had already called him to tell him i was pissed and was getting a laywer

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email the CEO ken butler at ken.butler@aaronrents.com

I did I got a FULL refund in 24 hours.


I a former law adviser would advise you to seek legal counsel and sue the *** out of them. I checked with better business bureau and from the months of Feb 2009-July 2009 (and July isn't even over yet) they have had over 500 complaints.

Do your homework before you go and rent from this company. Consumer Affairs would not tell me anything but the kind lady on the phone said...."RUN" when I called the manager at the Vancouver Washington Store, he was pissed off that I called him on what I found on the company. Pretty much was rude and nasty to me.

But in reference to yours, if you can trace your money order, and find that they did post it to your daughters account, yes they are legally liable for all late fees and penalties.

if they refuse to do so report them to the better business bureau. NOTE: enough complaints and the company will be shut down.


Everyone hates a crybaby :cry

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