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So the computer locked up says agent machine need the key its my f.n computer why do I need a key in fact they should not have any access to my computer and this *** should have been taken off my computer soon asu i fpaid it offI in I am at home kn my I phone because mg3200 is locked from Aaron's agent.when I was still paying on my computer if I was late they'd lock it up. J once bought another computer of there from a pawn shop and room it to them to sway it was locked and they kept it. I did get the money I paid for it from the shop but the freaking hassle if it is ***.rac rent a center is similar but not like them at all.alleged j

Monetary Loss: $3200.

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TriLock is installed on computers from Aarons, Easyhome, rentacenter because the computer you have is a LEASE and you DO NOT own the laptop unless you've paid out the lease. Any attempts at removing this software is a breach of the contract you would've signed when LEASING said computer.

If the store you got it from finds out its been removed, either by you telling them or by them remote checking the computer, you will have violated your contract and 1 of 2 things will happen. 1) the computer gets returned 2) the computer doesn't get returned and legal action will follow. People go to these establishments due to having bad credit, low income or a mix of both. The company is giving you a computer with easy payments when NO ONE ELSE WOULD or you COULDN'T afford to buy one out right.

It is well within their rights to keep a form of tracking and a shut down command on THEIR property as someone leases it. Hense the removal of software at the end of your lease.

If you have proof you've paid for the computer and ended your lease, then prove it or escalate it to management as any reasonable employee at any of these stores would remove it if a lease is paid out. By the sounds of your speal, you tried to rip off Aarons and they shut you down.


Ultimately you could just buy a new hard drive ... these days the prices of them are so cheap it's barely worth the headache of all this.

Put a new hard drive in and use a copy of windows. If you want to get the windows you had on the machine google how to find your product key. Then just the windows OS on a flash drive or a cd and boot the computer. Put the product key in and done.

That simple.


These computers from rent-a-product places don't have firmware locks. Turn off UEFI and Secure Boot in the bios.

Then delete ALL partitions using a linux partition editor (something like GPARTED), or any partition editor that boots from removable media. Generally, you'll see a hidden "Windows Locked" partition that contains the security software. If you are attempting to format and / or repartition a hard using a Windows disc, you'll likely be unable to even see the hidden locked partition. Once the hard drive partitions are removed, boot the Windows, Linux, ChromeOS, OS X, or any installation media you want to use, reformat the the drive, format the partition with your file system of choice, and reinstall.

It's not that difficult.

**If you can't boot from removable media (usb, sd card, dvd, etc), change the UEFI boot function in BIOS. **

These PCs have locks tied to Windows Operating System secure boot functions. That's why if you use an OS other than Windows, you wont' have any problems with locks.

Don't trust anyone or any software message that say the hardware will be damaged if you alter the software or hard drive.

These locks are almost entirely based on software (NOT HARDWARE / NOT FIRMWARE!) The only security lock feature that can't be bypassed by completely reformatting and reinstalling are *MANUFACTURER'S* bios or cmos PASSWORD locks. For more information, do an internet search for your computer's make / model --> UEFI --> Secure Boot.

@The truth teller



Changing the hard drive will certainly work. These programs should be a breach of privacy

@The truth teller

Aaron's locked my note 3 do u know how to remove the lock on it?

@The truth teller

email me please it's my users name above


this what i did to remove the agent lock from my desktop..

step-1. use GParted Live


del. all partition from the harddrive.

step-3. make a new partition


format the drive to ntfs.

step-5. use the factory recovery disc.


Also, there is more, if there was such a thing as a bios layer lock, you can restore the bios to factory by opening the box, removing the bios battery, which looks like a coin, and momentarily touching the two battery contacts together, then put it all back together and your bios should be factory, not poisoned by aarons, who did not make the hardware

Now you have a blank bios you can do what i said before, and no force on earth can stop you. It's yours.

@Evil Homer

"Evil Homer".. you sound like a bafoon.

There is such a lock. What credentials do you have? I'm going to go out on a limb and say none. We are not talking about user locks here.

In that instance yes you could format, or if you were me use a linux disc to erase all windows passwords.

But that is neither here nor there. If you're gonna talk ***, make sure you know what you're speaking about first.


What the *** would credentials have to do with anything?

I have no credentials, and there is nothing that any " professional" could do that I could do myself.

I have actually found most professionals to be somewhat incompitent. Your pc would better off in the hands of someone like me. Someone who has educated themselves out of passion for for gaming and coding instead of some who took a few college courses so they could earn a paycheck.

You actually sound like a community college programmer that thinks intelligence comes with a certificate.

@Evil Homer

And you can't jump the cmos jumper and erase it anymore than you canwipe the bios doing the same.


That is such BS what are you some mb manufacturer's rep or employee trying to protect precious secrets? I've jumped a cmos with my own two hands and a paper clip my friend


I have removed this lock, just reinstall the operating system - you can push shift-f10 on the first menu page of the Windows installer to copy any files you want to retrieve, i have seen no evidence of this lock being implemented at bios level despite the rumours


Simply take it to the store (any Aaron's location) and ask them to remove it. All stores have an Agent Removal tool on a thumb drive and it takes a couple of hours & it's done.


A couple of hours? Windows Installer says 39 minutes, and bios reset is 10 seconds

@Evil Homer

How can I remove a similar lock from a cell phone?


If you have purchased the computer or paid it off on payments through Easyhome, you can contact them or go into one of their locations and have tri lock removed from the computer. It can be removed remotely if you are able to connect to the internet, but takes 72 hours for the command to be issued from their store. If you bring it down to one of the locations they can search their system to find proof of purchase or pay out and remove it in store for you.

@Issue Resolved

I have been fighting with a rent to own company on getting the tri lock off of my computer. I paid my computer off months ago and moved across the country.

they claim it is off according to their computer but it is still on mine. I need to get this *** off!

it slows down my computer and I cant change any of the setting!! This is getting old!!!

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