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Aaron's Sales & Lease Ownership in Jonesboro LA has some of the worst employees and merchandise I have ever seen. We leased a Poulan Lawn Mower from this company last summer & have had nothing but problems ever since.

The belts on the Lawnmowers at Aaron's are horrible! You cannot mow- literally- 2 feet without the belt breaking. We were able to use the mower for one month, then it broke & was picked up and taken to the shop. For 5 months we did not have a mower to use at all.

After multiple calls and complaints we were brought a "loaner" mower to use. The loaner would not start- it had to be jump-started, the deck is broke & scalps the yard on one side no matter what you do & after 3 months of having this loaner we still do not have the mower we originally purchased in from the shop.

So in 9 months we have been able to use the mower we wanted & are paying for - for one month total & now we are getting harrassing calls from Scott because we will not continue to pay for something that we have not & cannot use!

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Aaron's Lies: I ended up contacting the Better Business Bureau (BBB) for my local area. I filed a complaint online (twice before they responded) - a lady from the BBB called me and told me she had contacted the owner of the Aaron's I was dealing with and wanted to know if it would be okay to give him my contact information.

We agreed, he called, he apologized, and he reversed all the payments I had made so I ended up getting all of my money back. If you haven't already; I would recommend contacting your local BBB - they normally have a website and you can do everything online if needed.


I had never rented anything from Aaron's until last year. I had always heard good things about them from co-workers and thought I would give them try.

I purchased a computer on a 120 day plan. My days were almost up and I wanted to pay the computer off. I called the store and spoke with Sam (Canton,MS). I asked Sam what was my pay off amount and what was the last day I could pay.

Sam told me my pay off was like $300. When I got to the store Eugene tells me $575. When I ask him why he says I should have came in earlier. That is not what Sam said and I have the call recorded.

I called and called. No one would talk to me or return a call.

I email the recording and they still ignore my calls. Oh well.

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