Springfield, Massachusetts
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I call Aarons rental at liberty st in springfield mass. On April 20 to rent a living room set.

They supposedly to my order and will delivery on May 2/2013. When to store to pay my TV and ask aboutthe living room. They never order at all. Supostly place order again 2 time.

It is May 7/2013 no call from them at all. Call again they told me yes we have them but haven't had the opportunity to call you. Go figure told me to go to sign the rental agreement on Tuesday. Glady the employee say we ill delivered tomorrow wensday between 12 to 6.

They never came. Called again she say so sorry I didn't wrote on the schedule. But we have an opening tomorrow. Same time never Came either.

Friday may 10/2013 the say that the delivery truck are out off order. That they couldn't delivery to me. But didn't have the courtesy to call to let me know. I call them.

5 minute later I see a Aaron truck going by my house in perfect condition. And the person that say that is the general manager from that store. The had lost a loyal customers that has never return furniture to them in 14 year's. That is how they work with good customer.

It so frustrating mothers day without furniture. So long Aarons liberty st in springfield mass.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aarons Tv Stand Rental.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

  • Rob general manager
  • Glady sale associate
  • Eileen sale associate
  • But assistance manager
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Thats the same Aarons i use. in 2012 i became a customer and their CS has gone to the toilet.

Same thing here.. ordered electronics, said will be delivered and no show. called and they said it is an add on so i cant give a time.. will deliver next day..

still nothing but they added it to my account.. Rob is a piece of shiit.. hes pure evil..

i think this store will be belly up soon.. good riddance...


Oh no the did. Lol after I went to an other store.

They try to delivered. I hate auto correct in the phone. I speak and write fluent English. It doesn't matter if you don't get it.

As long they did I could careless about ur comment. Have a nice day.


They probably couldn't understand what you wanted I can barely understand you reading your comment. :p

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