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As a new client with Aarons I need to voice my current extreme disappointment and my anger. The first time we were expecting a delivery from Aarons we had not heard from or received any communication regarding our delivery.

I left the apartment to go downstairs in the building and noticed an Aarons card hanging from the door *** of the apartment across the hall from me stating that Aarons had been here and missed us. I know they didn't miss us cause I was home ALL day waiting for this delivery by the way my phone had not rung ALL day either. So I called Aarons about the "missed u" card on the wrong apartment door by the way. They said they got the wrong apartment by mistake and would return to complete the delivery.

In getting there and discovering we apparantly weren't home to take delivery of the furniture before leaving the premises do you think it would have been wise to call and verify delivery? And yet we never received a call at all, now causing the delivery workers by the way in another city now having to return to our city to complete the arranged delivery for which for a quick phone call could have already been completed. (If a quick phone call had been made) So here we are again I have now WASTED another day waiting for another delivery from Aarons by the way which was confirmed the day before. And this time another day gone and not one phone call from the store or delivery staff.

And now the store located nearest us is now closed and we have made several calls throughout the day trying to confirm when they would be here and there was no answer at the store everytime we called, as well I was unable to leave a voicemail. I would like some kind of compensation for this utter inconvenience and blatant disregard for me as a customer not to mention as a human being in waiting for a service that never arrived. I feel so disrespected not to mention ignored. As I never received a call this time either as well as I again made several attempts throughout the day to verify delivery to no avail.

I have serious concerns as to whether Aarons cares whether I got my delivery at all. I also wonder if all their customer's are treated like this and if so would not be surprised to find very little repeat customers not to mention it would not surprise me to discover many cancellations of recently leased furniture. I can't understand in this day and age of technology we are in how this could ever happen. Simple common sense should prevent any issues like this from occurring if proper info is given and supplied to the company and the delivery staff has the proper tools it needs to do their job.

(A laptop, cell phone, a list of the days deliveries and their locations and make sure contingency plans are in place.

I hope to hear from someone soon regarding this issue and look forward to finally receiving my order as well. Regards, Cheryl Diamantakos (Eagles)

Product or Service Mentioned: Aarons Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Thank you for bringing this to our attention.We want to help as much possible.

Can you please email us at with a good contact number, email address and details of the issue so we can look more into this.

Thank you,


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