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I bought a recliner from Aaron's back in October when they were having their recliner sale, they had listed 3 different recliner's good, better, best, for I believe 49.00, 59.00 and 69.00 dollars respectively. I wanted the best, but all my store had was one of the good recliners in stock.

So I bought the good model, it broke in one two weeks later, it took them two weeks to come and get it to fix it as they said. Then they had it for two more weeks to repair it. They brought it back after 3 attempts to collect their November payment, which I refused to pay, since I did not have the chair.

Needless to say it broke again less than 2 weeks later, I called them back and now they want to sell me the Best Model recliner but want a payment of $109.00 a month in stead of the $69.00 it was originally advertised for. This should be illegal in my opinion.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aarons Repair.

Monetary Loss: $683.

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Dam...At those prices you got their top of the line junk...

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