Lafayette, Louisiana
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My name is Andretti Bellard and a current customer with your company.I`m complaining because my apt was broken into a few weeks ago and my television was stolen from my home.I did do what the police told me and i brought in the case number to Aaron`s and the lil manager i think his name is Jason or James but all he told me was that he`s waiting to hear from the police and that he could not replace my television and i honestly dont feel it`s fair if i have to keep paying for it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aarons Manager.

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um hey hun you don't know me but you may want to go above his head because with you still making payments some insurance you have with comes into effect with Aaron's go to corporate do some ranting and raving to get it resolved here is the number:

Greg Tanner

National Director of Franchise Sales

678-402-3445 (office)

678-402-3540 (fax)

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