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I was told today, That every thing we do on the computer Aaron's watches and will get on all our things and change things and add things. How true is this....I was told that there is a lawsuit on them now.

Any one no any thing about this?????

If this is so we will be bringing the computer back. I have a web cam on mine and was told, If my little girl is on it they can see every thing.

Really need to no, No jocking around. This is not good and I will be the next to take them to court.

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PC rental agent and aarons were found not guilty in the court case. The software is able to shut the computer down if it is stolen or not paid on. No one is watching you trust me they have better things to do.


I think you people need to get your facts straight before you post a complaint about aarons this spying incident happened at an aarons franchise store that installed the hardware at their own cost on only their instore computers The employees at aarons such as myself could care less what you do on your computers maybe you need to go to a corperate store to better serve you where their employees are very hard working to serve the publics intrest on letting them own merchandise at their terms which they can afford rathering than having to put the money out right away in todays economy when times are tuff.

@aarons employee

I think you need to learn how to talk to people, instead of coming off as a condescending *** with no punctuation skills and categorizing customers as "you people." Not everyone can be a computer genius and you should learn how to handle your customer base, as people all come from diverse skill sets and knowledge, to include computer literacy. How would you like it if your mechanic or doctor treated you like an *** because you didn't know their tools and terminology, how your Endocrine system worked or how your rear differential worked? Way to represent!


oh yah....they own the computer until you PAY IT OFFthey can do what ever they want within reason.....READ YOUR CONTRACT B4 you SIGN IT!!!!!


1 the program is not hard wired into the computer it is software not hard ware... google it they have a wed site..

2 it is perfectly legal for them to install this software as a security measure against theft...

b4 you go accusing ppl of watching you DO SOME RESEARCH...

frankly pay your bill and dont steal the computer and your good


Jennifer Z

This was true. It was done at a independently owned Franchise store but all stores are required to scan all computers to make sure they are clean.

Some *** thought he was being funny, yeah... not so funny.


This is NOT a lie. There are currently two lawsuits against them.

The program is hardwired into the mother board and called PC Rental Agent. When you google it, you are taken to the company website.

There are also cases where schools are going the same thing.

Look it up. It's very real and very scary.


Do you live in Texas? If you want email me and I can fix this for you and wipe it clean for you. you can contact me at OptimalOptimusSupreme @


that is a lie my friend there is really no way they could do that. That would be against the law and anyway the computers purchased in aarons are new from the box unless it was preleased.

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