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The reason why I'm complaining is for two reasons. The first reason is I am renting to own a washer and dryer from Aaron's in Norwich CT.

My income comes from child support I get weekly about 60-80 dollars. My payment is due on the first of every month but I pay on the fifth-teen of every month and pay a late fee of six dollars. They know my situation that is I have other bills to pay during the first and half of second week so that is why I pay seventy-five dollars instead of seventy that's how much it suppose to cost.. well there for I'm complaining is because their always harassing me about paying double of the payment knowing I get paid every Friday so today on January 15, 2013 they have called that it I don't pay today I'm going to have to pay another 75 dollars I've had been renting their item for a year and a month i have not missed a payment once.

I've been later than the 15th but only for a two to three days. Lately they been trying to be against me as in trying to get more money for no reason trying to change my date making different stories and I'm tired of it. It I'm paying the late fee and every month their should not be a problem. Secondly I was renting a HD 48 flat screen t.v.

I believe but their was accident due to my son standing on the t.v. stand and the t.v. fell so half the screen was broken. This happened on July of 2012.

I was going to be done paying it on Feb. Or march of 2013 but due to the high payment to get it fixed I asked them to hold it for me until I have stable money such as a job so I won't have problems paying it. So far I paid over 2-3 thousand dollars the rule is after 6 months its considered yours to rent unless you don't want it no more. I paid over a year and a half..

now their telling me they can't hold it and I'm going to have to start over the contract when they are suppose to hold your item until you can afford it. I'm pretty upset with these people when they give problems change their stories and make issues for nothing.

Who wants to rent from people when their unorganized of their rules?? So hopefully you can help me.out with this or check them out it you can please call write back to me in my email its also my number is 8606394547 thank you

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If you miss payments or are late often enough, any loan company is going to get annoyed. Basically when you use rent to own places, it is the same as taking out a loan to buy something.

Who says they are supposed to hold an item until you can afford to pay for it? Child support isn't supposed to be used for things like fancy TVs. Also you can get by without a washer and dryer----wash the clothes out by hand in the tub and either hang them outside or on one of those old fashioned wooden clothes racks. I use one of them a lot.

In the winter hanging slightly damp clothes on it adds humidity to the house/ apartment. Yes, you might even have to iron some of the clothes, but a little work never hurt anybody that isn't currently working outside the home.

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