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I purchased my laptop from Aaron's, I am not totally computer incompetent,and recently I got a virus that forced me to have Aaron's reload windows 7, I then changed my password to what i thought was just the user password but it then said it was a bios password. I immediately called Toshiba and they said they could not take care of the problem over the phone that it would have to be sent in.

I then took it back to Aaron's in springfield oregon to jim whom is the manager and he assured me that he would call Toshiba and try to take care of it with them on the phone, because he tried to load win. 7 and it would not load with the bios passw. I called for 4 days, and was transferred, put on hold and told that my call would be returned and then when i was forced to call back, was treated harshly by jim whom said i wasn't the only person on his list and i would have to be patient. I picked my comp.

up and he said it would take two days to get a box from Toshiba two send it back to them, it has been over almost two weeks now, and i just called Toshiba to see if it had been fixed and they said they had not ever even received it, So then called Aaron's talked to someone else whom said they were the mngr and that they thought it was in there security room, and that they were trying to save me money due to the fact that a bios passwrd. was not under warranty,(even though Toshiba and Aaron's assured me that it was)he said he would check that they might of sent it to there main Aaron's in rancho cord ova cal. for repairs again to save me money, but in the end no one really knows and have passed the ball over and over but the main result is the entire staff have no customer service skills and don't even lie good. I have heard so many conflicting stories its absolutely pathetic, due to the fact that if it were not covered then why was a Toshiba box ordered and why wasn't i told about some 400 dollar charge for the last 2 weeks, until only now after i realised that Toshiba never received it.

I can be patient but when you are assured that it will not take but a week and a few days because its needed for school and its been over 2wks. and it still has never left is totally incompetent, and some of the worst customer service i have ever seen. Just because i do not have good credit after being a single mom for 18 years and no help, and divorce my only option was to pay extra and go to Aaron's, this does not mean that i should not receive the same respect and good cust. service as someone with good credit, yet this is how it appears to be, and my money and time it just as important as anyone else's and should be treated as such.

I am now left waiting for yet another phone call from Aaron's and this time just to find out where the *** my laptop actually is if you can believe that. I expect more from a bus. that does so much bus. with so many people in the same predicament as me in this economy and financial hard times to be at least honest or have some conscious about what comes out of there mouth.

I do not appreciate being lied to or past around like some insignificant women who they just want to go away. I pay almost a 110.00 a month for my Toshiba's and i am on ssi so money is a issue and my bus. should be important. I sincerely hope that i get a response back from this that is not a bunch of words and insincerity that the store here in spfld or.

has given me and that this will be looked into not only for bad cust. service but just bad bus.

practice, and should not be overlooked, and pushed under some desk my voice deserves to be heard and be answered it is to bad that one or two people can absolutely ruin what should be a pleasant experience, into a freekn night mare and ruined how i look at rent to own stores.

I appreciate your patience and await your response.

sincerely t. chase (

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At the very start of your story I saw a problem. Viruses are never covered by any type of warranty anywhere. I have only had good experiences with Aaron's but must confess I shopped around for a good Aaron's since there were many within my area.


I can tell you what probably happened. I have unfortunately had this happen to me before.

They probably put it in the back room and forgot about it for a couple weeks.

Then they were going to send it to their service center and have it restored to factory settings, which takes another week until it is returned to the store. They did not want to tell you that they forgot about it and possibly have to give you free time on your lease, so they gave you the run around to cover their ***.


I love the irony that "incompetence" is misspelled.

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