Bangor, Maine

I will NEVER do a RENT TO OWN AGAIN! Especially from AARON's!

Josh in Portland Maine-eoooow! Nasty ***! Save your money and buy it if your credit isn't great!!! Aaron's moved my bedroom furniture scratched it to pieces and smashed the back of a bureau and NRVER said a word!

YOU pay DOUBLE what it is worth!! RIP OFF! They are always harassing you and act sooo superior...I have invested so much in this furniture and I only owe five hundred and something...I asked about their NEW deal-very deceptive - rent something new BEFORE Nov. 1st and payment will be deferred til' Jan.

2012 but then they say no!

I AM glad! I don't want to deal with them any more!

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I agree!! I rent from them now and in the past. They DO NOT speak with one another! I've made my payments on time and they still call for a *** payment. They also break stuff and do not repair the damage. I will NEVER use Aarons again!! They overprice, charge taxes they are not permitted to, and harass you on the phone!! I believe that a call to the IG is in order. *** I've made payments that didn't get recorded, thank GOD I kept the receipts!!! Use this as a warning!!!



I am a rental store owner in providence ri. if you have a problem with a rental company calling you!!

that means you dont pay on time, and thats why it becomes a problem. my compeitor does deliver some bad stuff and there is a lot of customers that come in to my store and compalin about them.

so jam complaint number one, " pay your bill on time and you wont have aproblem" its renting with option to own, so as much as i would love to dog them right now. "your wrong jam" pay your account on time not when you get paid or when its convient to pay, pay when its due, thats renting to own.


What would you do if I paid my bill on time and your employee didn't post it?? You replace a broken item because it is on warranty and rig the books to look another way, and call for a payment that has been made??

Aarons did that to me. The manager got fired, but my account was so screwed up no one could fix it. I still got charged for his jack up!

They thought better after I showed up with copies of my receipts and told them I was going to an attorney! I still got screwed, I was out money because they couldn't keep the deal I had.


Hello I am renting from Aaron's now I have a dj system that I have been renting for about a half a year it's 3000 wts one of the speakers went out on me about a week I had it from dj ing they came and replaced it about a month of having it both speakers go they tell me aye I have it at its capacity that's why i then say its 3000 watts an I'm a dj it's suppose to handle power I had to wait almost 3 months to get new speakers and I'm paying an straight 20 bucks on my bill because I'm paying for speakers now they harass me if I'm late on payments which lately I have because I have been in and out the hospital so my work shifts are limited or none at all they come to my home and even told my family member that if they don't receive payment they gonna put a lien on my home as well as report to cops that equipment is stolen, wen I do receive funds I pay online and they tell me that the online is jacked up and my new payment date is the 1st instead of the 15th can anyone help me? Email


@Anonymous - Thank you for your feedback. I apologize for your experience with Aaron's currently not being excellent.

To further resolve your issue please contact me at 678-402-3403 or by email at I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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