Roseburg, Oregon

Aarons- I was harrassed for months by Aarons. I was told that if i payed my furniture in the first 90 days i would only be charged the base amount and it was mine.

Well indeed i did pay by 60 days, 30 days before the deadline. Now i must ask, "why is it that im being harrassed every week for intrest money that i was told i wouldnt have to pay?" Well here is my thoughts on that, Aarons is a money hungry buisness that preys on certain individuals that dont make enough money to pay for what they would like to get, so they approve the sale, let them get behind, and then take bake the merchandise to turn around to sell for a profit. They have left a note on my door everyweek that states they are arriving at my home to return merchandise! But it was paid off 4 months ago.

The mistake they made was judging me and assuming i was someone that could not pay on time or at all, well my friends i make roughly $200,000 a year and just because i dont wear nice clothes or drive a nice car they tried to screw my credit and screw me out of what i am entitled to. That is not ok. The manager at the store in my area showed up at my home and harrassed my girlfriends 12 year old brother and told him they were there to take my furniture back to the warehouse, when i got home he was in tears and scared, my furniture was still there which supprised me, but he told me that when he answered the door they pretty much barged in and tried taking the furniture, what he did to stop them is unkown, he didnt want to talk about it. Personally i find it very extremely wrong that Aarons has continued to harrass me and people in my life for something that is no longer theirs.

They harrrassed a child that had no idea what was going on, complete strangers barge into my home where he was at, i was helping the neighbors fix the drywall in their bathroom so i did not hear them come or leave.

I recommend that nobody buy from this store, they are a twisted harrassing buisness that wants nothing more than to take everything you buy from them even if you owe nothing, just to line their pockets.

Personally i will buy and pay in full online from a different buisness next year when i get new furniture again. Please beware of AARONS and the stress and *** you will get from them, its a waste of money.

I hope your ready Aarons, i see a lawsuit in your near future.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aarons Manager.

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This guy is lying. Nobody making 200k uses rental places. You end up paying 3x the cost of the item, even if you pay nothing in interest.

Fake, Liar, owned.


what he did to stop them? you sound like he had to put him sell on the line for you.

sounds like all bull to me.

lmfao. your such a morron.


if you make 200,000 a yr what are you doing 'renting'? go and buy it straight out.

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