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My husband and I started a renatl agreement with Aarons about 5 months ago for a washer,dryer and a laptop. Our monthly bill was to be $215.00 for all the items, after paying the bill online on time and sometimes before time we recieved a call from the store saying that we owed last fees of over $250.

They said that is was stated in the agreement when we singed the contract, needless to say that it wasn't nor did the delivery man explain that to us. But the late fees are not valid, we have never been late on a payment, when we contacted the store manager he said that the only bill quote was wrong our bill was suppose to be $265.00 monthly and that we had to pay up the money that was mis quoted. Well we wasn't about to do that so we asked them to come to some sort of reasoning about the matter that was not our fault, he said he would not and that the balance was on us to pay. We refused to pay and kept paying our online bill, but they were taking the said balance from our monthly payment to pay that and then told us that we were behind in our monthly payment due to insuffient funds!

When we stopped payments and asked that they get the matter sorted out before we started payments again, the started harrassing us by way of phone calls threating to send the cops to my house. They called my husbands job and told the situation to his supervisor, his fellow employees and his boss had at one time been a client of theirs ( he is no longer )and they called him at his home to complain to him and threatened to has him brought up on charges as a co conspiritor!The last straw is that have been coming to my house ( I live in a gated community)they told the gate guards that we called them in for service repairs and they have threatened my children and have attempted to push their way pass my 18 yr.

old son and proceeded to curse at him. This is appauling and not fair for something that was their mistake.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aarons Delivery Service.

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They don't care. I don't even have an account with them and today my car was blocked in for over an hour and I was shoved by a guy with a bandanna on his face. Some corporate guy called me and said that on "18 years working there he's never heard any of the employees doing anything wrong" It's on YouTube under Aarons blocks girls car in.


I need a lawyer to sue Aaron's please help me tommy 570 9948715 in pa


Honey if someone would have touched my child I would have been in jail


So i lease a computer from aarons for about 6 months, Arrons called around Holiday season asking if i wanted a flat screen on sale, i siad yea eventually kaybe in a month when i move. A week later i get my debit card statement stating aarons took money from my account for the tv without me even knowing or signing anything. I asked them to put it back, and they said, we cant do that because you wanted the television.


@K.L Rivera - Thank you for your feedback, and I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Please contact me at or at 678-402-3403 to further resolve your complaint.

I look forward to speaking with you soon. Thanks - Jessica


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