Connellsville, Pennsylvania

I rented at aaron's in uniontown. I myself spent over 3 thousand dollars My payment was on the 15th of every month but they would start their harrasing calls on the first of every month day and night up to 5 times a day.

for 8 months! They are rude, they lie and are impossiable ! NEVER AGAIN> THEY can have their *** and shove it up !@#$%^&*()_+ AARON"S RENTALS STINKS... LIKE VOMIT!!!!!!!!!!

Even the district manager and general manager's were rude!!! The only thing good is that the furniture was nice.>>>>>>>>>>> with that i am closing. ..

If you don't rent. keep it that way, buy cash.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aarons Manager.

Monetary Loss: $3.

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i also have rented from aarons in Georgia.they are the same way here as you all have wife and i got a couch from them we let them that our first payment would be a day late because the way our paychecks were given to us.the next day they were at my house raising *** with my wife when she called me they stopped their ***.i gratefully took their *** threw it in the yard and told him he had 5 minutes to get off my property they do think size intimidates people but i am 6 foot 4 i don't get the way there is another rental company who are like aarons the name is best way rent to own thhey went to my brother house at 9 30 pm one night


I agree, they are very thugster-like in their approach to collections. They came to my door and I told them to bug off, the payment would be there in 2 days.

I freely admit I was late on several payments - but I don't know of a single other large corporation in America that sends it's employees to your house at 8:00pm to bang on the door and demand money or demand return of the product. I refused them both on several occasions, I had already called the manager and told him it was going to be a couple of days late.

The straw that broke the camel's back was when one of their employees drove up to my house and approached me while I was working out front of my house. A large man, he attempted to intimidate me, when that didn't work he postured as if he were going to hit me.

That's when I told him that if he did not remove himself from my property, I was going to defend myself against him and the outcome for HIM would be very ugly. Not only that, but after I got through with him, I would call the police.

I never had a problem with them again, and yes, I did end up paying off the entire amount of payments.


You know what people ??? if I was to borrow cash money from loan sharks they wouldn't harrase me as much as these people have,I mean Holly *** !!!!these people come to your door at nghtime,like

there going to repo a car or something.

I just told them ***,come get your ***,I don't care if I've paid for it over it isn't worth it.


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