Englewood, Colorado

In December of 2010 I started renting a 3-D T.V.with a 3-D Pack from Aaron's Rental. I paid a total of 230.00 a month. At first the service was fine and I had no problems with them.

After a few months I had some personal problems and I was able to make my payment but they were late. They new that I got paid BI-weekly and that my check did not always fall before my bill was due on the 15Th of each month. They said that was okay you have a 5 day grace period so you won't have a late fee.

The five days hadn't even passed and they were knocking on my door and was not even during business hours. They closed at 6:30 P.M E.S.T and they would show up at 9:00P.M at night on more than one occasion.

This is so disrespectful and especially when my shift was changing for a while and especially when I would be up at 5:00 in the morning to get ready for work. This should be against the law and Aaron's should have respect for their customer's.

I called them about this and they complained because I was late and they said that I was a no good paying customer and they wanted to pick it up.They even changed my due date from the 15Th to the 1St so that added more money that I owed and didn't even know it.

So I got the money to pay my bill and then the next month it came due again and they came to my house and opened up my mailbox and went through my mail. Thank god for security cameras.

I finally told them to come and get it. After I wasted almost $2000.00 with them.I even called the corporate office and made more than one complaint and nothing was done and didn't even get a callback from them but it supposedly resolved they say.

This company thinks that this is a joke and it is not and they have no respect and they will do what it takes to hurt their customer's and no help them.

My question is How many serious complaints does it take before anything is done about this? To all of the ex Aaron's customers I completely understand where you all are coming from.

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