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I am an ex-employee of Aarons as of about an hour ago, i just started working for aarons a week ago after quitting a previous job i had held for quite some time. when i was hired they told me they were going to run background checks and all of the that and when they came back good i could start working.

well after a few days they came back and i was good to start working.

i started last monday and worked all week had the weekend off and went into work today and worked a full shift and at the end my manager called me into his office and let me go, saying that one my background checks came back bad but he didnt know why? so i need some help on trying to figure out who to call and some numbers of ppl to call bc they made me quit my other job and now i am unemployed...

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I work for them as a "PT" or delivery and set up.

Nobody seems to know what's going on most of the time, and the "corporate policies" are kind of a joke. On one hand if something needs to be delivered, but isn't ready, "oh well".

On the truck it goes. They want you to cover your tattoo's after you've been hired, but let certain other "policies" go unchecked.

The pay is just o.k., if you have deliveries to do....which isn't always the case.

No discipline or control over employees, everybody just does "whatevers" with no consequence.


I know how you feel.i would have been aty an Aarons store for a year as of November but they let me go about three weeks before I could get vacation time.

I was previously a product technician at a store in Illinois and was treated very good.I put in two weeks notice and moved back to my home state.

Put an ap in at a store here in Michigan and was called for an interview.When I had the interview the manager now regonal manager told me he knew a place that would be better for me and by the time I came home from there I had an interview from the other store he was talking about.

I was let go three weeks before I could get any kind of vacation time and am not very happy knowing I busted my.I even went to work on a Sunday because we was told we had to for a parade and then wasn't paid for it.That was 8 hours out my day and it was a Sunday.A day we never work.

I to am trying to find a way to get back the money they owe me for the lunches I worked through and the parade they told us we had to be there for.

I will help you when I figure out how to get compensated for the time they owe me.

Pissed.Yes I am and and can't let them get away with this to do it to someone else.


aaron's actually runs 2 background checks.

a preliminary one when they do your drug screen, and a more in-depth background check that is supposed to be done before a formal job offer is extended.

i'm a little unclear on exactly what raises a red flag on the second check, but i know it is common for the first check to be fine, and the second background check to be a dealbreaker.

not sure if they're actually checking driving records, motor vehicle records or what.


I hope they don't discriminate against class B misdemeanors...


:p You can take them to labor commission. Something went wrong becasue no one hires you till after they have checked your background!


Wow what world you live in?


678-402-3500. Internal number for Aaron's home office. good luck!

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