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I have been renting from Aaron's for years. November 2011 I rented a camera for 82.00 a month.The first payment was seperate but december through April was bundled with all my other payments.

I signed a 6 month lease for the camera and my payments have not changed until May when I demanded they remove the camera payment since I had made 6 full payments. The first two people I spoke with said yes in fact I had and would remove it.Now the manager is saying I still owe two more payments when I was told it was settled,sending people to my house and charging me 10 dollars for every call and visit.Today May 31 2012 they sent a truck 3 times saying they had not heard from me even though I talk to them 4 times a day.They are demanding money and the camera back.I have proven I payed it off but now they want the other 3 items ive already paid on too and are almost paid off.

I'm currently speaking with several lawyers and Monday will be filing a civil suit against them. DO NOT use this company!

Product or Service Mentioned: Aarons Manager.

Monetary Loss: $5500.

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I keep receiving calls on my direct office phone line, looking for folks who do not -- and never have -- worked here. I've spoken with the store; they continue calling.

I called corporate today.

We'll see if it makes any difference. Next call is the state's Attorney General office.

Just to be completely clear: I've never done business with Aarons or any other rental store.


I too have had badgering issues with this company. The call multiple times daily or show up to my home. I pay my bill every month, yet if the first day passes they continuously harrass until you just can't take it anymore.


To No, are you *** or do you work at Arron's too? I have PAID off the camera and have the BANK statements showing I paid ALL SIX months that was required in the lease the other 3 items have been payed on every month and they want payment AND the items back.

So No from Valley Springs shut up and learn to read.

THEY HAVE BEEN PAID FOR THE ITEMS THEY WANT 150.00 FOR THE VISITS TO MY HOUSE AND PHONE CALLS THEY MADE TO ME AFTER I HAD ALREADY PAID MY MONTHLY BILL AND SHOWED THEM I HAD PAYED OFF MY LEASE,in Texas its called consumer fraud and harrassment and our local D.A. agrees so get off the *** before you try to read and make comments!




@ Liltazie - Thank you for your feedback in reference to your local Aaron's store. Please contact me at Response@aarons.com or at 678-402-3403 to further assist you with this matter.

I look forward to speaking with you soon. Thanks - Jessica


You didn't pay the money you owe. So you cannot keep the items.

Please read your contract and your bill. Then pay your bill. Then you can keep the stuff.

Otherwise, stop ***, because this isn't harassment by any legal definition. The judge will laugh at you in court and still make you pay for the items.

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