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I brought a refrigerator from Aaron's in Portsmouth,Ohio,its an Samsung model number RF217ACRS I have called always with the same response,we will call you back in 24 to 72 hours never happens.We had this refrigerator less then a mouth and the produce draws would fill up with water and freeze,also water was all over the kitchen floor which is destroy now.Aaron's would send someone out then in a few weeks some old problem again.We have ask for a replacement or our money back with no response,well my husband call to let Aaron's know we was going to be late on our payment two of their guys come to pick up every thing we was renting by then and we only had 4 payments left!Livingroom suit,bedroom suit,T.V. My husband try to explain that he had made arrangements but the one guy would not listen he got in my 65 year old husband face calling him a *** liar my daughter who at the time was 7 months pregnant was so scare,this man was yelling to the top of his lungs he finally call the store manager and found out my husband was telling the truth.The embarrassment because our neighbors came outside and told my husband they would be witnesses if he needed any.Bottom line refrigerator is still here,4 repairmen still not working.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aarons Manager.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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I too have a Samsung Model number RF217ARCS and I have had numerous problems. The icemaker broke and I do not have hook ups for it.

The reason being is that the "on" button was on and it was that way when delivered. If you are going to sell products then be knowledged of your products. The ice maker broke in September 2012 and it took them about a month to fix the ice maker that was in pieces. Then the inside of the french door broke again they where called and it took forever for them to come to fix it then they had to order the part and the repair man put duct tape on it.

The part was mailed to me house. Then the newest problem is the crispers filling up with water and freezing. Ruining my food. I fell on hard times and they where aware of my situation there was a payment arrangement made and I lost my job.

I lost my phone also so I didn't have a way to contact them. My husband works nights and they where asked not to come to our house before 5pm they did. I have been threatended with criminal charges and the icing on the cake is I was at the local grocery store and I ran into the finance manager. This guy proceeds to tell me I am on the list to get charges filed.

Very inappropriate especially in front of my child. My husband called to tell them about their customer service and the GM proceeded to tell him that he had several witnesses saying he didn't corner me at 9:30pm. The only people present where me, my husband, my daughter and the fifnace manager and his wife. I have called corporate on them and I intend to get to the bottom of it.

I still have the refrigerator after they insisted they had to have it but are draging their feet on coming to get it. I feel like they owe me the frig and the $1400.

I have paid. Tired of the harrasment and the terrible customer service.


Dear james48,

Thank you for your post and for bringing this matter to my attention. I'm very sorry to hear this situation occurred with your refrigerator and the negative service and unresponsiveness you received from your local Aaron's store.

I'd be happy to further assist you and look into this matter. Will you please send me an email to Response@aarons.com or call me at 678-402-3403 with additional details including the exact location of the Aaron's store in Portsmouth, agreement number, and the best contact phone number / email to reach you.

I look forward to hearing from you and resolving this situation accordingly.

Thank you,



What on God's green earth does your seven month pregnant daughter have to do with anything. If she is old enough to be pregnant, she should be old enough to not be scared of an altercation between her Dad and somebody else.

If she was scared, she should have been mature enough to leave the site. People that get merchandise from any rent to own place can expect problems if they are late. Your 65 year old husband should have been able to take care of himself. His age has nothing to do with the problem.

Furthermore, why did you have to get all that stuff from a rent to own place. You couldn't possibly have needed everything new at one time. Pay one thing off before getting another. It is completely unnecessary to bring things like age, pregnancy, etc.

up in a matter like this.

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