San Jose, California

Aaron's rental has been used by my family for several years now. I have had nothing but a good experience with the company. They work with me if I am not able to make my payment on time.

I have become aquainted with the one of the managers there and he is very easy to work with. They do call if your late and I do get the phone calls from other store employee's but it is not excessive and I tell them the arrangements and normally its handled!!

Bottom line we have to remember that they have given a product to you to use and pay as we go. Normally these are people with bad or no credit so they have a right to be a little skeptical. So be easy and support your local AARONS you'll be glad you did!

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Okay..dear well you sound a little pissed off period! So maybe its not Aaron's that you are so mad at.

All I can speak on is my experience with them. I did say Yes they can be a little annoying but who isn't when you owe them money. I don't see a problem if you stay within your budget and pay on time or call and let them now you are going to be late. Normally stuff turns out fine.

They are cheaper than Rent a Center. So if this a route you have to take I would rather deal with AArons's than RAC.

I have had accounts with both. So I am sorry Nunya that I made you more upset but it is my mere small opinion.


*** off Tiffany. Aarons is ***, and everybody knows it. :roll

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