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I checked my credit on Oct 30, 2017. I noticed a chargeoff from an account that said was opened in 03/2014 at a place called Aarons rentals.

The only problem is this: I have ZERO chargeoff's on my credit. Have never had any. Now theres 1 on there. Why is this?

I'm 51, own a home, 5 acres of land, other credit cards, I OWN ALL MY "FURNITURE" and I can swear, promise, take a lie detector test or whatever, that I HAVE NEVER BEEN AN A STORE CALLED AARONS RENTAL much less rented anything from there. I have never rented anything in my entire life actually. Now, obviously I'm pissed. But what do you do about it?

What can I do? Theres no way they have ANYTHING with my signature on it, no way they have any video of me ever walking into any rental stores of theirs, or any rental store in the world, I've never been online to any websites that rent any furniture. Or any websites that rents anything at all, not just this Aarons place. I cant stress enough, how much this wasn't me and no, I haven't had my identity stolen.

Also, I dont even know anyone who "rents" furniture, or rents anything for that matter. Lastly, I've never even heard of a store called "Aarons" rentals. I've heard of rent a center from tv commercials but never paid them any attn as again, I dont rent Anything, FROM ANYWHERE, EVER, nor have I ever rented anything from any store in the world, EVER. Is there anything I can do?

Anyone know of this happening to them or a friend of theirs, someone they might know? I'm just baffled here, completely caught off guard by this fake bulltihs that I dont know what to do or where to start. But man, I'm freaking fuming right now. ANY INFO OR GUIDANCE, ADVICE, ETC is greatly appreciated.

Also, if this is common with this place, and if theres a class action thing going on with it, I WANT IN! Not for any money of money, just for the point of this place doing these types of things to people, so as to assist in my own way to help them stop! There/it's in writing/by me. I'M NOT TRYING TO GET MONEY OUT OF THEM.

It's very much about how to stop this from ever happening to anyone of you, I, us, IN THE FUTURE! Thanks, Marc C.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aarons Furniture Rental.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Aarons Pros: Stole my identity.

Aarons Cons: Illegaly tried to steal money from me through blackmail.

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  • Stole From Customer
  • Aarons Scam
  • Identity Theft
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In order to look more into the account that is showing charge off you will need to contact our department that handles charge offs. They can be reached at 800-435-9544 or you can send an email to

This department can assist and resolve this issue for you!

Thank you,



What are the ways aarons rental can steal your identity, open an account at their stores, then try to get you to pay them when you have never been to any store called "aarons" rental in your entire life? When you have never "co signed" for anyone ever buy anything from anywhere(much less aarons rental) in your entire life?

How do they steal your identity? How are they capable of black mailing people that have never been to their stores, much less rented anything from any rental store in their life, how is it possible for them to somehow say you did and then tell you to give them money or they will post derogatory chargeoffs on your credit reports?

This is SO illegal. If they can Prove the "account" is real, they would have nothing to worry about. But problem is, theres never been an account to prove real.

Theres never been anything. Nothing. Nothing "snakey" they can bring up to try to justify stealing peoples identity, theres nothing clever they can say to justify posting "chargeoffs" on someones credit report who has never been in an aarons, been to any aarons website, never done business with a store called aarons or aarons rental or any business with the name aaron in it.

What are some of the ways they can try to say it's "real" when it obviously isnt, obviously blackmail, OBVIOUSLY IDENTITY THEFT by aarons rental.

No other companies or thieves have stolen anything from Marc, no other identity thefts have ever occured against Marc and the only identity theft in this Marc's life was in 2014-2017 by one place, person, company, corporation, or who ever, and that was a place called Aarons rental.

How do or did they do it? What are their scams? What are their snake ways?

Anyone know how they opened a fake account in someones name that has never been in an aarons rental or ever been to any aarons websites, or ever co signed anything, any document, any piece of paper that aarons has?

How did they do it is what I REALLY want to know.

Thanks for any comments!

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