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I rented furniture from them and everything seemed great until our second month. Our monthly price suddenly went up.

We went in to find out why and were told that we had rented a plasma TV and they forgot to add it to the lease. We told them that we were never interested in getting a plasma since we already had a nice TV and we never received a Plasma TV on delivery. The manager told us that she saw us point it out saying we wanted it even though she wasn't at the store when we went in. We had to get the delivery guys to tell her that it was never delivered and showed her our lease and Delivery receipt they gave us when they delivered the items we wanted.

After that she removed the TV from our payments...so we thought. After our 6 month period of paying for the furniture (not tv) we returned the furniture to get out of lease and they picked everything up and told us everything is good. Now we have just receive a letter from them 4 months after we paid our last payment and picked up the furniture saying that we owe still owe 714.19 for the TV that we thought we had taken care of or it will go into debt.

This simple problem has become a huge hassle and is affecting us 4 months after returning there stuff. I have been too many time and they always tell me that they have taken care of it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aarons Tv Rental.

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