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I rented out my spare bedroom to a young girl who didn't pay her rent. Since she didn't pay her rent I kicked her out and told her in order to get her belongings she had to pay what she owed in rent. The girl had bought stuff from Aaron's and whom she hadn't paid since May. Instead of telling Aaron's to come to the house at a certain time and also contact me to let me know the situation she just gave them my number and work number instead.

Since then Aaron's has been blowing up my phone, calling every half an hour and leaving a message and my cell phone. They even went as far as to call me at my job. I told the accounts manager that since my name was no where on the contract she had no right to call me concerning the stuff and that nothing was leaving my house until I got what was due to me. The accounts manager thought I was *** and threatened to call the cops on me etc. I simply told her to go ahead, the worse the cops could do was show up at my door and tell me to allow the Aaron's delivery men inside to retrieve the items and since I didn't steal anything nor have any business to do with them I warned the accounts manager that I could call the cops also and report them for harassment. The accounts manager knowing she wasn't getting anywhere with me hung up on me out of frustration.

It's been a week and I've had several different numbers call my phone every half an hour, of course I never pick up. They also can no longer leave messages as they've filled my voicemail and I don't check my voicemail since the minute I do they'll just filled up my voicemail again. I've also filled up my blocked numbers list through Verizon. The seems to have so many numbers to be able to call me from that I've maxed out my limit of numbers on my blocked list. Delivery guys have even shown up at my door leaving notes when I'm not home and if I'm home they either sit in my drive way or knock on my front door for at least an hour before I go outside and tell them to get off my property before I call the cops on them.

Even though I am not a customer of Aaron's I'm still pissed at the harassment calls I am receiving even though they have no right to be calling me nor any right to be showing up at my door. They still call my job even though I've had all the employees tell them I am longer employed there in order to get them to stop. Even my manager has yelled at them on the phone to stop calling and they still persist. In the end one thing is for sure, this potential customer that Aaron's could have is no longer a potential customer.

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How can you hold her belonging just because she didn't pay her rent. So illegal


Came upon this late but wow you sound so dumb


Sounds like you are technically in the possession of stolen goods. You are in the wrong here and will have to eventually allow them to come and retrieve their legally owned possessions. You do not own these things.


Some states failure to return rental property could result in a company filing police report for failure to return rental property against individual that has leased it. Be careful when this happens you possible could face an officer at your door with handcuffs and a warrant.

Its the rental companies property till obligation is fulfilled. you are withholding property that someone has failed to return to its rightful owner.Be careful


What do you think you will accomplish by holding your tenants rented property? She didn't pay you her rent.

She didn't pay Aaron's. Do you really think she is going to pay you her back rent so Aaron's can get their stuff back?

Face it. You are using this situation to hold things that don't belong to you, and you have no right to.


Actually, MissAnn, you don't have rights to hold Aarons property. You can hold her *** but whatever she got from Aarons DOESN'T BELONG TO HER OR YOU.

i would suggest giving that back then going from there. You turned a mole hill into a mountain on this on and deserve all the phone calls and visits you get from them.


Give them their stuff back. It doesn't matter how you got it, it's "stolen" property, therefore, you are stealing. You are being very childish to hold onto it.


Instead of sending a cease and desist order, why don't you just send them the property back, it is not yours, never has been.


Brian must work for Aarons! Just saying.....


Send them a cease and disist order, I assure you they will stop.


Actually MissAnnThrope,

You DO NOT have the right to block access of any tenants belongings from the tenant (regardless of whatever state you live in, that is an illegal lock out, period)

However, you DO have the right to keep the tenants belongings if they do not pick them up within a certain timeframe (varies by state) because you can claim that the items were abandoned.

Notice that? You can keep the TENANTS property, NOT Aarons' property.

The store she got the items from retains ownership of the items until she pays them off.


#1. Aarons' belongings left in the house DO NOT legally become yours.

#2. It does not matter if you do or do not have a contract with them. They absolutely DO have the right to sue you. If they do or not it is up to them. (YOU are KNOWINGLY holding THEIR property and denying them access to it.)

That is like if I bought a used car then found out that it was stolen, so I tell the OWNER of the car he can't have HIS PROPERTY back until I get MY MONEY back.(Wrong, it doesn't work that way, the owner of the car would get his property back and then I would have to go after the *** that sold me a stolen vehicle.)

You are knowingly/willingly holding onto something that you do not have the right to. You deserve every bit of the COLLECTIONS ATTEMPTS that you get. Don't like the collections attempts? THEN GIVE THEM THEIR PROPERTY!

This was caused by your ex-tenant, not Aarons.


Actually, Brian, I do have rights to hold her belongings.

When she was evicted she was informed when the locks would be changed and that was her time frame to get her stuff which also allowed her to call Aaron's to come get their stuff. AFTER the locks were changed I then sent a legal letter to her stating that she had until the end of August to pay what was due in rent charges in order to be able to retrieve the rest of her belongings. If she didn't then all belongings left in the house legally became mine. Mind you, not once during the times of contact when she called (that I briefly mentioned) asking if she could get her stuff without paying what she owed, did she ask to make sure the stuff from Aaron's was returned.

As for Aaron's being able to sue me, they can't. My name is nowhere on the contract for the items. Keep in mind states differ when things like this happen. It may not be acceptable to do this in your state but it is in mine. The worst Aaron's can do to me is call the cops, a cops shows up at my house with Aaron's and informs me to allow them to retrieve the belongings, which I believe is suitable trouble for them to go through for the constant calls. Anything that happens if an officer of the law shows up is my business.



you are partially correct when you suggested that the Landlords handle this situation incorrect, the part that you are correct in stating is they should have allowed her to take her belongings when they evicted the boarder, but were I differ with you is that this SAME responsibility applies to Aaron's as well!!

When the landlords did not allow them to pick up there merchandise and after a reasonable amount of time in the atempt to recover there property, THEY TO MUST USE THE SAME COURT SYSTEM as the landlords, a company or any collection agencies only can call a home on certain times and the amount of calls must be reasonable for a normal business day for that family not at the Business whem!!! or it is what the legal profession calls TELEPHONE HARASSMENT and if proven in court a judge will grant a money award for damages to the landlords or the person harmed by the phone harassment.

enclosing, I would let them have there stuff since the young lady did not own it outright and sue for what I lost from the tenant


First, you had no right to hold onto your tenants belongings. You have to take the tenant to small claims court to get your money.

Secondly, Aarons has every right to call you. You have their property. And, because they handle all their collection efforts internally, they can call you wherever and whenever they so desire. My best advise for you is to allow them to collect their property.

Otherwise, they have every right to make your life quite miserable.

Third, I would not want to get sued by a company based off of someone else stupidity. Just sayin...

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