Indianapolis, Indiana
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I am tired of being ignored. My husband and I let aarons know of a problem that we were having with a TV that we are renting.

We are trying to get it swapped out with a different one. It has been 6 weeks and they are still making excuses as to why they can't make it out to my house. One day they are too busy and the next they are having issues with their trucks. I am sooooooo tired of this ***.

I am thinking of sending it back. I already sent back my furniture that I had through them because I am so tired of this *** that I am going through. I will never do business with them again.

They suck.

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I have since switched my business to another store and they have been great. The people at this store work with me and they are very polite.

I guess it was just that store where they really suck. I'm not sure. I'm not pissed anymore since I got away from those a@@holes at the first store that I was dealing with. I got 2 months free off of my contract.

That made me happy. :grin


You got that right! I hate those people!!! :(

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