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My name is Willam Holbert I have been a customer at aarons for years and never missed a payment. The regular manager at aarons in chatsworth is Scott and he was on vacation. So they had a replacment manager Scott has always worked with me and this manager was completly rude and didn't even seem like he cared if he made a sell or not and I think something should be done about this.I have already got ahold of channel # news and talked to them about the issue and they said to get back ahold of them if it was not resolved.

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It's always easy to spot the idiots isn't it? When you use phrases like "got ahold of" and "get back ahold of" and confuse sale for "sell" AND can't even clearly describe what the bleep you're so upset about, don't expect anyone to take you seriously!


I was interested in a position with Aaron's in Dickson TN. I decided to research what kind of company they were.

I have dealt with many people with varying back grounds and levels of education. Character is not measured by how well you spell. If you lay your hard earned dollar down, you expect to get the value of that dollar in return. Aaron's is a business.

Customer service is very important if you want to stay in business. Talking down to people is a big no no.

It also concerns me that the customers private information is being discussed with others besides the person who signed on the dotted line. Showing up at someone's job?

Calling there references when they are late? References are just that references, to be called before the fact not after.

It seems this man had built a relationship with Scott, this is what you should do with your customers.

I understand that Aaron's is franchised so I would not expect this behavior to be to norm in all stores.

I hope when I visit the one here, that it will exceed my expectations regards of whether I decide to apply for a job.

These comments are terrible. I hope someone is corporate is taking notice.

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