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I loved the fact that Aaron's was coming to my hometown so we wouldn't have to go through Rent A Center. Well do I ever take that comment back.

The Aaron's here in North Platte, NE has been open less then 2 years, when they first opened we went in looking for a bed. We ended up leasing a Woodhaven Queen bed set. Just the matress and box spring. We paid it off in Feb 2011.

Two months ago we noticed that multiple boards on the box spring had broke. Keep in mind the bed was only a lil over a year old. I called the store and spoke to Melissa one of the manager and explained what was wrong and wanted to know if there was a warrenty on the bed. Next thing I know they are taking picture of the box spring to file a claim on it which was fine by me.

The employee who took the pictures took one look at it and said holy s***!!!! It has now been 8 weeks and nobody has any idea whats going on. Just last week I was in there and their General manager Ron had no idea what I was talking about. After explaining it he looked at me and told me that I had to wait for a phone call from the people who do the claims.

I am soooo done doing business with Aaron's We are paying off our TV and We will NEVER do any business with them again.

All I want is a simple yes it can be replaced or no it can't. Is that TOO much to ask?????

Product or Service Mentioned: Aarons Leasing.

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I love Aaron I got a TV stove and now tomorrow I'm getting to bed never had any complaints about Aaron at all


I took am having the same problem with that Woodhaven mattress they trying to screw me but if I have to we go to court over it.


No absolutely not that is reasonable.Call the manufacturer maybe they can help.


I have a one to and it isn'. that good


Seems the issue is the box spring and not the bed. I would call the manufacturer of the mattress


Aarons SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Arron's has always been good service to me very blessed that they exist to do business. And for a lot of people to Just wake up and be real.

Like for lady that said After one year my wood haven mattress box spring a board cracked I wanted to know if it would be replaced.

Uh no of a board cracked something physically done made it crack. Be real.


That sounds like Aaron's gives everyone the run around, no different from anyone else just want your money and they don't care about the garbage mattresses they are selling, Woodhaven mattresses are the worst I have ever owned and Aarons back them up.


The box spring sucks.My son's broke after 1 month,hello?See a pattern here.tf




I absolutely luv Aaron's ive furnished my whole house wit them


Me & my GF just recently got a woodhaven & the aches & pains set in. Poor.

Quality they are. Were not very happy.


I just got a bedroom suite from Aaron's everything seems to be aright except for the so called woodhaven so called pillow top mattress it should be called pillow rock mattress first night sleeping on it i hurt so bad I've never seen a pillow top mattress so hard and uncomfortable sorry mattress


I am having the same trouble with a woodhaven mattress from Aaron's. I am returning everything else I was buying from them and calling the better businesses bureau and attorney general.

Such a to off! I have been waiting four months for my new mattress...meanwhile my back is killing me :(


i have rented before from aarons and have had no issues my daughter has but not me i love aarons better than rent a center sorry people i love my aarons lucky dog


I understand your frustration I purchased a king woodhaven set and I called in regards to the bed because we spent a little over 1000 for the bed and now we are having back problems we have flipped and flipped the mattress several times. They came out the first time to take pictures but the service person didnt have a camera so I called a two weeks after the service person came out to follow up and the manager informed me thag he needs pictures to send. I was a little confuse because do they not train their employees to do a job. So 2 days later another guy came out and took pictures with his personal phone that had no flash on the phone. I looked at this as a joke, is aarons to cheap to purchase a camera....wow. I called back to follow up and the manager Brain had not taken the time to look at the picture because the person who took the picture had not forward them to his email yet. I have gone back and forth with these people and its been a big circle that I have been going in. Nobody follows up but they call you almost everyday and every hour when you late on your payment.

Please think twice before purchasing a Woodhaven or any mattress from aarons the warranty means nothing.

Fairburn Road

Douglasville, Ga


Why don't you threaten to send it all back and you'll probably get a better response I'd try anyways what could it hurt


@Agurch - Thank you for your review in reference to your local Aaron's store, and I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. I have forwarded your review to the Regional Manager of this location for further research and to handle accordingly.

Please contact me at Response@aarons.com or at 678-402-3403 if you need further assistance or have any additional questions. Thanks -Jessica

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