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Back in November of 2017 the owner of my clinic committed suicide. I was being laid off as a result along with everyone else in that clinic.

I called Aaron’s to let them know my situation and that I have applied for unemployment but wasn’t exactly sure when that would come in and that the minute it did, I’d call them and resume payments. I literally just received my full unemployment check, yesterday as the first check a week is held. To my shock, they already charged my debit card 210 dollars, mind you, I only owned a little over 300 left on the account now only owing 63 dollars and it’s not due til the first of February and I’ve been receiving phone calls about a late payment. I contacted a consumer lawyer this morning just to see what my rights were and if Aaron’s was indeed authorized to charge my card without receiving my consent for that one charge.

I told the lawyer that I have tried to see my contract on their website to get this answer myself. If they are within their legal grounds, I’ll eat crow and won’t try to dispute because that’s fine print I missed when signing my contract. The lawyer asked me to call AARONS to receive that contract. 1) the guy answering the phone told me he couldn’t email it to me but I could do a request for my own contract!!

I asked him why the contracts aren’t online in consumer profiles since the contract number agreement is, why not the contract? He didn’t like my question and attempted to threaten me by throwing out federal laws, in which case I didn’t listen because the lawyer advised me they cannot threaten this as a means to keep rightful information from you. The AARONS employee proceeded to hang up on me when I told him withholding my contract even for a late payment (which I’m not currently behind on) is ILLEGAL and had to talk over him because he would not allow me to have a word. I then called back and he answered the call with “now if you want to talk to me like an adult....” I lost it.

How dare you ask me to speak to you as an adult, when you were the one speaking over me and refusing to give me access to my contract. He then hung up on me again. I have since called back multiple, multiple times just for him to answer and hang up. This is infuriating because they feel the right to harass over a payment not yet due, they will come to your house past dark and refuse to announce who they are (I couldn’t see a face through my peep hole it was too dark and I’m a single mother living alone, I won’t answer a door for you if you won’t even tell me who you are or why you’re here) but god forbid their customers take action for being treated so poorly.

Really AARONS? Is this the route you want to take with me when all that’s owed to you is $63 dollars on 2/1/18?

Product or Service Mentioned: Aarons Customer Care.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Can you please reach out to us via email at and include your first and last name, phone number and zip code. In addtion, alos include details of the issue so we can look more into this and also make upper management aware. We want to help!

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I’ve already contacted your headquarters and have a complaint number through that but have yet to receive a call from a manager that I specifically asked to speak to. So, again at 11:02 mountain time, I called the location again and explained everything.

Was promised to get a call back immediately from a manager and it is currently 11:51 and I still haven’t spoken to anyone. I don’t want anymore emails and I don’t want to wait anymore to speak to someone.

You’re more than welcomed to contact me directly but I’m done reaching out to AARONS. Ifs time you all reached out to me.

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