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I have two appliances from Aaron's in Bremen Georgia. Last week I had to call the fire department to my home because the dryer wires caught fire.

Thankfully I had not yet fallen asleep for the night and was quickly able to get my three boys out of the house and call the fire department. When I called to inform the store and find what I needed to do they simply said I needed to bring in a copy of the fire report. The next day I went and obtained a copy and brought it to them only to be treated very poorly. Three different people read over the report before the manger finally came in from outside and took the report.

Never once did any one offer any apologies or even ask if everyone was okay. All the manger asked was if the dryer was repairable to which I explained that I had no idea because I don't repair appliances, all I know is the cord is burnt up and it smells of smoke as well as all my clothes that were in the dryer. She had no idea what needed to be done next, how long any thing would take but offered to sell me a new dryer on a new lease not being able to tell me what was going on with the current lease. I left very upset and called customer service and complained about her poor service and lack of genuine care or knowledge.

I was told the regional manger would call me within 48 hours. After 48 hours and no call I called back and they gave me the phone number to reach the regional manager. I have called 3 times and left voicemails and still not a single word from anyone. I called back again today to customer service to see what else I can do and they told me to write a letter.


After waiting a week no one has called to let me know what is going to be done at all or made any attempt to makes things right. Very upset by the lack of care for customers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dryer.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Aarons Pros: Original staff.

Aarons Cons: Rude dont know how to talk to customers, Rude employees.

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Oh no, This is very unfortunate. We greatly appreciate your business and value you as cutomer.

We want to look more into this for you.

Can you please send an email to myexperience@aarons.com and include you first and last name, brief description, phone number and zip code so we can look into this.

Thank you,


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