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After leasing a tv. I moved, payment was set up for draft. Aaron's faxed numerous copies of lease to my job, posted their flyers at my job, called people I didn't list as a reference at my kid's daycare and my job and gave all of my buiness. Then the manager threatened to send me to jail, drafted my account after saying he couldn't, came to my home and tried to enter through the patio door. I ended up calling the police, now have an attorney and fighting back. If in NC. email if you've been harrassed from an Aaron's and I can tell you how to get some support. They think they can just strong arm people, the worst part is that I offered to pay even though they said they couldn't draft without getting a new card impression, but he did and then tried to enter my house though a back patio door-be careful w/this company! I found all kinds of complaints about this kind of behavior online. Email if you want to know what I'm doing about it! michellebaileymotley@yahoo.com Read my experience below:In July when I signed a lease agreement with Aaron's Lease, my account was set up for monthly draft. In late November I switched banks and received a phone call from a Aaron's collection rep. requesting a payment for November, as I did not change banking information with the company. I provided my new banking information and remained on the phone while my payment was processed and also gave consent for this new account to be drafted in accordance with the terms of my agreement. In December my family and I moved and failed to provide the new address to the Aaron's. When arriving to work today I was called in for a meeting to discuss and be warned in relation to company policies in regards to the inappropriate manner in which Aaron's has been attempting to reach me through my job. I was informed that Aaron's had left several "door hangers" with my name on them and request for contact IN the office and in the building which is also shared by a bank, an attorney's office and our financial group. Numerous calls had been made to my sales manager's cell phone, a phone number that I never gave or listed as a reference, and that 4-5 faxed copies of my lease agreement (displaying my personal information, address, social security number, income amounts for me, living status ie. rent or lease and landlords name and number with the amount of payment, spouse's information and social, job address income, work address and employer, had been coming into the company's open and community fax area for the entire week. A coworker informed me of this prior to this meeting also stating that a client and former neighbor, who used to be a friend of mine, had called in and complained that Aaron's had left a hanger on her door with my name and information. I spoke with this neighbor the night before and was aware of this. As I was receiving this information from my DISTRICT MANAGER, I was called from the meeting to the reception area by the Administrative Assistant, because another representative from Aaron's was in the office with more "door hangers" and was asking for me. I asked the rep. to follow me to the elevator and outside when I began to immediately stress to him that this is my place of business and that they could not come there nor call my managers. I told the representative that I called the bank the night before when I found out that they left a hanger with my name on it at a neighbors house, and was aware that there must be a problem with the draft because the bank said that no attempt had been made to draft from Aaron's after the last payment I had made when giving my new account information in early December. I explained to the rep. that I was in trouble with my job because of the way they were trying to contact me. The rep. apologized and said that he was not from the store where I had the agreement but that he would call the manager for me on his cell phone. When the manager, Scott Rutter answered the phone I stated my name and said that I needed to resolve whatever the issue was with my account, I could update information and that I was at work and in great trouble due to the way they were trying to reach me. We reviewed the December payment and then he explained to me that they can no longer authorize drafts by phone, that they used to do it that way but now needed an imprint of my card for continuous drafts. I requested the amount due and stated that I could pay it by card as soon as I got out of the office. I asked why they did not mail something to me, that my mail has been forwarded and he said that they do not do that, that they could not reach me by phone and knew I moved. He asked for other numbers and wanted to get a the collection rep. on the call to talk about the December billing. I informed him again that I was at work and that left a disciplinary meeting to handle this and explained the disciplinary meeting was about their calls and faxes. I told him I would come in later and clear up the issue with the card, that I was aware that they couldn't reach me because my cell phone had been off for a little while and we had a new number. I then asked how he was going to handle the inappropriate manner in which they were calling my job and making trouble for me at work. Scott began to tell me that he had sent the fax, instructed the reps. to come out to my job, found my new address through forwarding mail in my mail box at the old address, and would call whoever, and do whatever he had to do in regards to people like me who do not pay their bill on time. I asked Scott if he was aware of collection laws and ethics and if he knew that he could not fax my personal information to an open community fax nor harass or give details of my account to people who knew me. He said he had called my son's daycare and talked to people about me there, called my boss and would continue in anyway necessary because I should pay on time and should have told him I moved. I again told him that I would pay the bill or they could run my card at this time, but that I would also be seeking action for his behavior because I felt he was harassing me. I told him that I would pay what I owe or return the tv. Scott stated to me that he had just come in the office from court and that he deals with "people like me" everyday, to go ahead and keep the tv. and he'd be glad to see me in court. I asked him what he meant by "people like me" and he said, "you, people just like you, I should call the police and send them to your job and have you hauled off". At that time I informed him that my close friend is a DA in the county and if I lost my job behind this I'd be seeing him in court for this behavior. He told me that he was going to send the police to my job and have me hauled off for stealing. I told him if that happened I would see him in court and then ended the phone call and told the rep. that I would call into the office and make the payment and then go in on the weekend and provide the card and to please not return to my job, call my managers, fax my information or talk to people at my son's school about my account. When at home this evening I opened the patio door on the deck of my house to let the dog out and thought that I saw someone standing on the deck in the shadows, I let the dog out, cracked the door and continued working on my laptop with my back to the door when Scott began pounding on the back door and stuck his head in the doorway to the house. I jumped up as my kids began to scream because he had started to come in the patio door, and instructed my children to go up stairs and get their father as I asked who he was and why he was on my back deck in the dark . He identified himself as Scott, the manager from Aaron's and stated to me that he could come anywhere on the property that he wanted and knock on any door or window he chose. I asked him why he didn't ring the bell on the front door or the bell on the side door where the porch lights are. He told me again that he could knock where he wanted and choose which entrance to my home that he wanted according to the agreement I signed. I put my hand up, as he was stepping forward to enter my home, and told him to get off of my porch and go to the front door, that he was scaring me and that I was going upstairs to get my husband. When I said I was getting my husband he smirked as if he thought I was home with just the children. He went to the front door and rang the bell, again I answered and asked him why he scared me and why didn't he use that door initially rather than walk through the yard, to the back wooded area, again I asked him to step back until my husband came because he smelled like alcohol. He said he hadn't been drinking and that he didn't know the DA I mentioned earlier, and that I had made that up. I shut the door and got my husband. When my husband came to the door he also asked him why he was on our deck in the dark, stated that he smelled like alcohol and and that his pupils were large. He asked him what was wrong with him as his pupils were huge and he was loud. Scott stated that it was people like us that were his problem, people that don't pay. My husband offered to make the payment and told Scott that he wanted him to leave but Scott said that he would not take the payment and that it was too late for all that. We began a discussion about how it is only one payment that is due and one pending in a few days. Rather than have the situation escalate I told Scott to get away from our door, that I was calling the police, and then instructed the other salesman who was in the yard, to come in and get the tv. Scott began to tell me that he didn't care and he'd take a breathalyzer test. While the other salesman was breaking down the television I called the police and was instructed to have them wait to take it outside until an officer arrived. The officer came out and did a alcohol test on Scott, filed a report and I allowed the unit to be removed from my home. I called the office where I rented the tv. and tried to find out information as to who Scott's manager was but was told that he runs the store and there is no one above him. Later that night upon checking my bank account I found that Aarons had ran and processed a payment for the amount that was due. Mr. Rutter had told me on the phone that he could not take my payment as they had to have an imprint of the card, but yet and still he ran the payment prior to 5pm., confirmed the payment and then was on my back porch at 7pm. to collect the tv. I was not aware that the payment had been made and am now confident that Mr. Rutter is harassing me. Why did he come to my home if he knew he processed payment for what was due? At this point in time my concern is not about the loss of the television but rather the strong-arm harassing techniques used to get in touch with me and the harassment, embarrassment and humiliation I've received in my experience with Aarons. My personal, identifying information as well as my husbands has been faxed numerous times to a community fax machine, I have 6 copies from the last 2 days presented to me by my district manager from today alone, agents in my office have left copies on my desk, my sales manager was contacted numerous times on a cell phone number that I did not provide to this company, which may be a bill that I should not have to incur, staff at my son's school are complaining to me about calls from Aaron's and are now privy to information that should have been private. I have only been on my job for one year, have just entered into management and now have a disciplinary mark on my file for "door hangers", harassing calls and visits and personal faxes from Aaron's. At what length will this company go for contact and collection, and the sad part is that I offered to settle the balance that was due, had previously given a method of automatic payment and simply requested they use ethical practices in their efforts to reach me. If Mr. Scott Rutter is the final voice of Aaron's I feel that someone should look out for and at the least warn the consumers they serve, that in doing business there if they can't reach you, you may lose your job, everyone you know that they can find will know your business, and they will subject you to identity theft.

Payment was drafted without knowledge or consent on 1/15/10 @ 4:49pm.

Scott Rutter arrived at my home around 7pm. requesting return of television.


Aaron's Sales & Lease

Scott Rutter

General Manager

3523 N. Patterson Ave.

Winston-Salem, NC. 27105

(336) 767-9990

Product or Service Mentioned: Aarons Leasing.

Monetary Loss: $1900.

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I have never got anything from this company. Never!

Yet everyday I get voice mails asking me to call or to stop thw calls to call the number. Yet I constantly block the calls and they still call. I am not calling anyone,Fri. This.

Company so stop calling me. It is harassment.


I have had a similar experience not to this degree. The manager of the store showed up at my house demanded to see the washer and dryer I rented and harassed me (in my own home) about not laying (I was 5 days late) due to having a new debit card.

I’m sorry for your experience. I wish I’d have seen it sooner as I would never do business with this place.

Fremont, Nebraska, United States #1205965

Please help they wonr leave me alone and have threaten to not let my children go to school by blocking there car in

Please contact me



No I don't believe this to be unlikely at all!!!! I'm just a secondary on a lease and the continually call and leave harassing voicemails for something that isn't even mine to begin with! I got one today saying they knew where I lived and they would come find me!!!!


its your home protect it. i live in florida and if that would have happened to me I would have waited for him to enter my home illegally without my consent and killed him.

The law in florida says if an intruder enters your home armed or not you have the right to use deadly force.

check your laws. I gurranty you no one from aarons would ever bother you again.

to that guy #1346283

I like you .. :) I'm thinking of doing the same thing..because these Aaron people are really pushing me to the wall.

Threatening my mom ?? Now that is out of boundaries.


They have police report remeber they were called when scott did his deed. So if true or not .

the true comes out and Some Aarrons employee's do get on power trips. I have seen it and once you have this happen to you then you will know and trust me people always show there true colors in time .


You all think you know that laws but really, Aaron's, Easyhome, and rent a center fall under different laws but the one law they all fall under is

If they call you over and over but only leave one message a day then no law broken, but if they leave more then one message a day then you got them good luck everyone


Well I thing I have been paying good on my account for almost a year or so and Just recently became behins and have told them . They can me 3-5 times a day and today 07/19/2010 sat outside my home and rang the door bell for half hour repeatedly and before that called me 3- 5 times they are calling my blackberry since this is my only phone.

My phone records all calls as to how they come in and if missed and or answered and shows history of all calls to my phone. plus can show record on my bill. They are breaking so many laws and am contacting a lawyer and see how they like a fat law suite on there hands . I owe 300 remaining on my bill I became unemployed and awaiting my unemployment check which should get this week but first before pay they can settle with my lawyer besides calling me they come to my home everyday and say they are going to charge me a fee everytime they come.

That right there is abuse aswell they come everyday so they can tack on more to the bill .

I have checked the laws everyone they break they have and can pay up to 10,000 or so for every law they break they take to many chances and it is time all you have been abused to let Aarons know they can not man handle anyone . My neighbors have witness it all and will never go through Aarons again .


I have been named as a secondary contact, but have been harassed, aarons coming to my home and been threatened. And i dont even have the or ever had anything to do with the furniture nor Aarons..Leave me alone


First of all you cannot move with leased property that does not belong to you without notifying the store so that was your first mistake. Second of all if you were so *** concerned about your job then why couldnt you return a call or respong to the door tag.

You brought this on yourself. Im sure you check you bank account every day as I do and you would know if the draft went through or not. You tried to steal leased merchandise bottom line. You were tracked down to your new address and the AArons store you rented from contacted another store closer to you to try and redeem the merchandise.

You were in the wrong so I dont know how your disputing this.

When you sign the lease agreement you give Aarons permission to contact those on your agreement and verify anything that was written on it since they dont do credit checks. People want to complain about debt collectors so pay your f'n bill then and dont try to skip out with merchandise that doesnt belong to you, you f'n ***!!

to wjjp08 Richland, Washington, United States #1340482

And what would you say to Aarons giving me stuff without a lease agreement. We filled out an application and then they told us how much it was and we told them it was mich higher than the price we saw online and couldn't afford it.

A week later they showed up at our door and said "this is your dag! We brought you a tc and xbox" again we have absolutely no lease agreement with them.

to wjjp08 #1414471

Scott Rutter, is that you???

to wjjp08 #1417664

You must be an Arron’s employee... f**k face!! Get off this post we’re Anti-Aaron’s

to wjjp08 #1446440

I have had trouble with this company and was trying to make a payment in the 14th but because they wanted the full payment the next day I was told not to come in cause they were closing early and not taking my payment.wow


Tough story to believe, I've been dealing with this Aaron's for over 5 years, & have always had an amazing experience. While when it comes to dealing with a payment on my account I mainly dealt with Mike Macdonald, Scott Rutter has also been a help on days when Mike wasn't available. I love Aaron's & all they have done for me.

to Store's Customer #1019075

U must work for aarons or suck the managers off the. Cuz they're ***!!!

to Anonymous #1136161

Def works for them, I came across this today when looking at options. I have this piece of *** Ryan from the Worcester, MA - Grafton Street store.

He calls my job. The first time I asked him not to and he refused to agree. The second time I answered the phone at work when they called and asked him once again to stop, I was a few days late and it was not necessary, I always pay every single month give or take a few days late since im paid bi weekly. I hung up the phone and he called back, I kept having to answer and asking him to stop that he would get me fired and he literally said OH WELL call me back then.

I can go on and on, every time I talk to them he wants to put me down about exactly how many times in a year and a half I paid late, woopy doo, I pay a 5 dollar late fee for you to shut the *** up, on top of the 200% im paying for the product, if I pay every single month, *** off. I called his boss who told him not to call my job again, but he did, Ive had to get his boss on phone 3 times.

Yesterday they called all of my friends cuz I did not answer the phone, and was actually not even late. At this point, since his boss can't control him, I'm going to the top, as well as filing complaint with attorney general.


I find this story to be very unlikely, I to am an Aaron's customer at this location & have a less than perfect pay history myself. Dealing with Scott the manager has been more than a pleasure as he has always worked with me on my account.

I find that as long as you communicate with them, & are willing to come in even if you can't make your payment on time, they'll bend over backwards to help you. I never violated my lease by moving on them either.

I love Aaron's & all of their staff. Patterson Ave employees are always so happy, & helpful.


Suggestion: your writing is confusing i.e. write a statement of facts, not your emotions. I stopped reading after few paragraphs and here is my suggestions:

1. Save door hangers, dates, phone calls, your records at work for reprimends .... it is evidence.

2. You are "guilty" for not informing them of new address and late payments, but they might off violated collections laws and regulations.

3. If you and others suffered from Aaron's actions:

-- check TORT laws for slender and libel in your state,

-- see Fair Debt Collection Practices Act at www.ftc.gov .

4. But in any case, pay them what you owe and/or return their products as you should.

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