Woodhaven, New York

Everything was fine, I got laid off in the end of July, from my f/t job they were aware, Communication is most important, is what i was told,I understand totally,,I did communicate I let them know as soon I was hired p/t at an new job. I also understand its my responsibility want to get this paid off as soon as possible, my goal was to try my best to pay same as cash on the total balance tv I leased missed that goal by a very small balance ,losing my f/t job really put a strain on everything.

I own my house I'm a single mom, been trying to juggle every bill with a p/t pay check is hard, figure I need my power,water etc.. At first the employees understood I really appreciated it, then they would call every 30 or so min. Came to my condo at 9:30 yelling ms FLynn we know ur home, my neighbor was scared to death she's a 76 yr old women not to mention all my others. I was away had a death in the family my friend came to feed my cats n leaves the light on as I asked her.when I called them to tell them how upset my 76 yr.

old neighbor was, I was called a liar cause my light was on that I was home,, I Was Not.Now I'm feeling disrespected n uncomfortable talking to them , I find myself stressing just to communicate I'd rather talk to them n explain why and when they will receive the payment.

when I do call because I know it's the right thing to do they treat me like I don't even try to pay . Thank You

Tracy Flynn ( c) 610-809-3422

Hope to work this out , being treated as a appreciated customer is all I need

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