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We rented a bedroom set last October from Aaron's. We were told we were getting a new set with a pillow top mattress. I broke out in a rash after sleeping in our "new" bed and put it down to a new laundry detergent. Three months ago we noticed that the springs were starting to poke through the sides. We contacted Aaron's about this and were told we would have a phone call within a day about our problem. No phone call came.

I went in to make a payment the following month and mentioned the problem again. The manager ordered a new mattress and told me he would call us by the first of the month to confirm delivery. The first came and went and still no phone call.

I went to make our next monthly payment and asked about the mattress. No one had a clue but they would order us a new one again! What BS!

While helping me make the bed, my boyfriend noticed a yellow tag that I had overlooked all this time. It was a tag stating that the mattress had been disinfected in August, 2010! You don't need to disinfect a new mattress and now the rash on my legs had been explained.

My boyfriend went into Aaron's to complain this time and inquire about our new mattress. Magically they had one in the backroom and would deliver it Saturday between 12 and 2pm. Saturday came and then 2pm came and went. They showed up at 4pm, moaning and complaining because our bedroom was on the third floor.

I came home from work and decided to check out our new mattress and found we had been delivered a mattress that was as comfortable as a brick wall. You sit on it and the mattress had no give. Our bedroom floor was more comfortable than this mattress. We woke up the next morning all stiff and sore, but since it was Sunday, we couldn't call and complain. So one more miserable night on the mattress and my boyfriend walks into Aaron's and now we have a memory foam mattress on order to be delivered this coming Saturday between, 12 and 2pm. We will see!

Product or Service Mentioned: Aarons Delivery Service.

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One thing I forgot to mention is we took pictures. We started with the "BMW" of mattresses and ended up with a "FIAT" (better known as a Fix It Again Tony).

The BBB and newspapers may end up with this claim.

Aaron's may have to deliver 50 mattresses to our third floor bedroom until they get it right. It is amazing that they have a similar mattress on their showroom floor, but they say they don't make those mattresses anymore.

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