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I rented a living room set from Aarons Furniture in St. Petersburg, Florida on 11/15/09.

When it arrived, one of the tables was damaged as well as one of the lamps. I immediately called the store and was told they would be replaced. On December 15th, I went into the store to make a payment, spoke with the General Manager, who assured me that I would receive a new table the next day and the lamp would be delivered as soon as it became available. Well, today is 1/14/10, and I still have not received the lamp or table.

I have made several calls to the store and the General Manager has not returned my phone calls.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aarons Manager.

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My comment to you is stick with it and don't let them get away with it. I too am fighting with them I have leather couch sectional that is peeling and riping away they won't do nothing about it.

So much for that warranty...I will take them to court if I have to. I just paid off my couch and it looks about 5 years old....I will call everyday if I have to.


Get everything in writing and/or record it on tape. It is possible that manager as an official of Aaron's modified your contract verballly and/or DeFacto. Imagine you got a car without tires - would you make payments on it? Do you think Aaron's will "take it easy" if you make 1/2 payment?

Record EVERYTHING, including amount of calls, whom you talk too, their threats, etc. - collect evidences even if they look trivial to you at a time. You could contact:

1. about Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

2. Call local consumer advocasy agencies and local press.

Good luck to you.

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